BalikaWadhu will achieve her dreams

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06 Feb, 19 14:53
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BalikaWadhu will achieve her dreams
Family members were terrorized in pressure of community leaders, and now with the help of Saarthi Trust, Papli’s child marriage is annulled.

Jodhpur, Nineteen years old Papli, resident of Balesar block of Jodhpur has got her freedom by annulling her child marriage which was performed when she was sixteen years old. After her child marriage,this teenage bride (BalikaVadhu) has contacted the managing trustee & rehabilitation psychologist of Saarthi Trust,Dr.KritiBharti and got the courage to fight against the injustice and to file a petition in the family court to annul her marriage.
Nineteen years old Papli,daughter of a truck driver of Agolai village was tied in child marriage in November 2015 with boy of Balesar block. Papli decided to come out of the child marriage bond and when her in-laws knew about it they approached community panchs and pressurized family members of Papli so that she withdrew her decision.
Community Leaders & Family was in opposition-
Caste panchs also threatened the family of penalty and social boycott if the child marriage was annulled.Parents of Papli were so depressed because of the pressure of community and initially they too started opposing their daughter. The pressure was so intense that the father of victim announced that if his daughter, Papli, will not go to the house of her in-laws then he will hang himself because he will be ostracized by the community. There were other relatives who also started opposing the decision of Papli. A teenage girl was all alone in this world only because she is fighting for her right.
Saarthi came forward, counselled family and Promise of Annulment-
But for this poor brave girl, Saarthi came as a confidence and shade of hopes so that she too could have right to live. Managing trustee and rehabilitation psychologist Dr.KritiBharti was fighting against this social evil which Papli read this crusade in a newspaper. Then she approached Dr.KritiBharti who counselled her and consequently her family and some of her relatives came in support of Sadhana. Dr.Kriti also counselled some community leaders which eventually came in support of Papli in her fight against child marriage.
Appeal in the court, Order of Child Marriage Annulment
Papliwith the assistance of Dr.KritiBharti filed a petition in the family court of Jodhpur to annul her marriage. Dr.Kriti also helped and took steps for security of Papli and helps her to fight for her right. That was the time when Papli needed someone to stand at her side in this big fight. Dr.Kriti appeared and argued on behalf of Papli into the court.
After which Judge P K Jain while giving a stern message to society about evil of child marriage passed orders to annul Papli’schild marriage.
Saarthi Trust-Leading in child marriage annulment-
Dr.Kriti Bharti of Saarthi Trust is associated with unique movement and had made the first annulment of child marriage in India and then after in 2015 she made annulment of two child marriages in 3 days of court proceedings and created a history. For that she found a place in the World Records of India, Unique World Records, India Book of Records and also in Limca Book of world Records and she also made many records in her social working field. These works are also included in CBSE curriculum. Trust has annulled 39 child marriages in India and also prevented thousands of child marriages and made different records. For such bravery act Dr.KritiBharti, has been honored with MarwarRatan, MewarRatan and other national and international honors for saving the children from exploitation.
They says-
- This child marriage had ruined me totally but KritiDidi has given me a new life by the annulment of my child marriage. Now I will study and wanted to stand on my own feet so not to depend on others.-Papli, Survivor of child marriage.

- Best efforts are being made for better rehabilitation of Papli after annulment of her child marriage. She is linked with the education and her skills are also being honed. Some Community leaders are still pressurizing her family. If needed, judicial action will be taken.
-Dr.Kriti Bharti, Rehabilitation Psychologist and managing Trustee, Saarthi Trust, Jodhpur
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