Gandhi in Indian English literature “Gandhi an Influence on Indian Writing in English”

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15 Oct, 19 09:32
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Gandhi in Indian English literature “Gandhi an Influence on Indian Writing in English”

- Nishat, Asst. Prof.RNT PG CollegeKapasan

The prophet of non –violence movement Mr. Gandhi had versatile personality who had demolished the dance clouds of multiple suppressions in so panic and miserable circumstances of India and one of the most prominent reformers of the worlds .and his great philosophy has been the pioneer to sparednon-violenceadmitrustic and tenants rulers due to politicegocentricpsychostate ofminds.Besidesthesehewas alsoinfluencebyJohnRuskin`s ‘UntoThisLast’incontrastduring the struggle for the libration IndianEnglishWritingwas much drenched through Gandhian Ideology .The crucial influenceofGandhianideologyonEnglishliteraturecan be seen in contemporarywellknown Indian-Englishwriter`s literary creations like Dr. Mulk RajAnand,R>K.Narayan,and RanjRoaetc.SarojaniNaidu`s poem ‘Conquest “was composed on her transformation from a poet to a politician. She used to write romantic poetry. After meeting with a great leader Mahatma Gandhi, her perception had been changed and realized miserable conditions of India. The poem is a confession he poetess how a change in outlook to life and her decision to plungeintotheongoingstruggle for Independence to alleviate the torture of Indians at the hands of British with Sarojani Naidu`s poems, she was cured for herself a significantnicheinthefieldofIndian English poetry. The poem ‘Conquest’ written in the later phase of the poetic career of Sarojani Naidu which marks a shift in her attitude from the narrowrangeofloveforIndian scenes, sights and people to her country and countrymen especiallytotheirsuffering.The poemis confessional innature and shows her poetic and personal growth and ushers in political career. It reflective of the vision of the poet was decided to enter the political world of pre- independence of India to work with love for poor .Gandhi`s Impact on IndoEnglishnovel isamatterofconsiderable value. Gandhism is a complex philosophy, non conformism being its major component. Gandhi, the nonconformist had deep morale fiberwhichdidnotadmitof violence.Fundamentally,Gandhi was a conservative and yet an uncompromisingradical.When he saw injustice insociety, he did not hesitate to fight against it .Satyagrah was his powerful weapon with which he fought relentlessly until the object was achieved. His nonconformity was born of feeling ofmoralwrong.Thereis touch of holiness in it. Thoreau’s idea of non-conformity to the evilofAmericanslavetradeand Tolstoy`s of resistance to Russian serfdom were also more of less similar to the Gandhian concept of resistance to a moral wrong. They paved the way for Gandhi in this matter. Liberalism and humanshape,toalargeextent, the Gandhian non-conformist theory.By introducingthenew technique to non-violent non cooperation and civil disobedience, Gandhi put out action allrevolutionaries,terrorists,all legalistsandconstitutionalists at one stroke. Such is power of his weapon of non-conformity. This is the unique feature of Gandhi`s n0n-conformity. This shuns blood-shade and bitterness and paves the way for creative and constrictive results. Consequentially, both the opposing sides come to negotiating table with feeding of understanding cordiality.Gandhijihadstartedthemission against untouchability at largescalewhichhasbeenpervaded into Indian societies whether cast or creeds. It is a ferocious suppressionagainst humanity. The reformation movement to abolish evil tradition ‘untouchability reflects and influences on Mulk Raj Anand`s Untouchable’, is one of his most prominent novels .he made the best efforts to expresspredicamentsofindiscriminate people. The pious perceptionofMuklRajAnanad was inspiredbyGandhism.He received Sahitya Academy Award in 1972. The novel ‘Untouchable’ was published in 1935 which boosted his literary career. In addition of analyzing the influence of Gandhian on Indian Writing in English it is difficult to ignore Ra j a Ro a a ` s wi tti n g , Kanthapurais themagnificent novel. It is the mirror of the Gandhi`smovement.RajaRoa has given a larger perspective of Gandhian ideology by placinghiminthetraditionofRama, Krishna Buddha and saints whoboldlycameforward,even risked life to lead the earning humanity to economic prosperityandspiritualsatisfaction. Kanthapura is a sanative portrayalofrealIndiansofGandian era while the whole nation wasstrugglingforthefreedom. Its social –political scenario of India presents the versatile personality of a great non violent prophet M.K.Gandhi. Kanthapura is a political novel written about that fateful period in the history of freedom movement which was very much under the impact of Mahatama Gandhi. From 1916to1947hedominatedthe political scene and influenced almost everyone in same way orother.Kanthpuramisastory of mass awaking it is the story ofpeople`smovement,itisalso thesagaofthenationalawareness. It is the story of people`s involvement in to liberation movement.India is a large country with various features casts-creeds, religions, customs, traditions, dialects and languages. For unity and integrity shouldbeconsideredthenecessary of implement the GandhianideologynotinIndia English writing but also in the new generations. According tomyperception,itmaybealso utilized to wash up communal poisonousorthodoxyandmight be establish social justice and peace and prosperity among victimoffascist suppressions.

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