Five Year of Royal Harbinger

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18 Feb, 20 10:29
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Five Year of Royal Harbinger

The past five years have been phenomenal.Fromnowhereto this stage, the lone English newspaper of the Mewar region has scaled greater heights than was expected.Aregion that has been dominated by the Hindi medium accepted the English version of media with open heart and arms. The media team is truly overwhelmed. With that, we see a greater scope of improvement and we will leave no stone unturned. Over the years, we have learned so much through our well-wishers and critics. We take everybody with us and that is why we have a cohesive team of contributors who help us spread the right word with the right tone and approach. The same news hits every media house and it depends on the editors to give importance to one news item while pushing the otherto the other pages and furthertotally ignoringoneuselessnews. Thisselectionmustbeunbiasedandthat’s where the integrity and honesty of the editor come into play. This is the whole difference that the Royal Harbinger brings to you.We focus on the news story and publish it on its merit rather than other factors. The clarity of thoughts and transparency in our media work is one of the main reasons why prominent writer and eminent journalists support us by their articles and well-researched content. TheRoyalHarbingerhasalsoworked towards making the newspaper a happy reading tool where people learn something and gain knowledge. We have tried to put more emphasis on positive stories that inspire. We have also focussed to find development stories that make the city proud. Generally, the negative stories are published with so much vigor and spices, they become synonymous with life and society. We startbelievingthatallpeoplearebadand everythingtheplaceisunsafe.Inthecrowd of sensational stories, we fail to recognize that there are many people who like to live with harmony, there are people who clean up their surroundings without getting noticed, some boys are determined to marry without any dowry, some men are fighting the society hard to give a status of equality to their wives, and soon.Thesearethepeoplewhodeserve to be highlighted. These are the people who are correcting society and are holding a beacon in the darkness of crimes and injustice.Royal Harbinger is open to the stories created by brave people who dare to change the bad rituals and work to bring peace in the lives of everyone. Anything, which is bad or is a burden on thepeopleof society isboundtochange. Indeed, future generations will feel the heat and will take corrective measures. But the pattern has already started towards a balanced and light-weighted lifestyle. And Royal Harbinger is taking the lead in supporting a comfortable life for everyone.We would like to thank our readers, contributors, sponsors,andcritics for their love and support. It is and willremainourcollectiveendeavortobuild a society full of love, development, and harmony. - Nishant Shrivastava

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