Are you thinking enough?

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12 Apr, 18 13:14
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Are you thinking enough?
Being thankful is the humblest way to show your gratitude towards the giver. There are many ways to show your gratefulness, but we limit it to vocal expressions. Well, while saying thank you is a noble idea, it also is suggestive to be formal. You say thank you even when you don’t intend to. So, when you want to say thank you in a way that your feeling can go across to the person who gave you something, you need to add a little extra. Read on to know how and what can you do.
When you mom gifts you a new wristwatch on your birthday, be vocal and say thank you. Besides, ensure you praise the watch with some practical reasons like it will match most of my dresses or it is what I always wanted to have and so on. You can be imaginative and say all the real things. Make sure; you don’t fake it. Anyone can realize the sense behind your words with your body language. At the same time, ensure that you use the watch for several days if not longer.
At times, not only near or dear ones but strangers also help us to their capacity. A cab driver, for example, would drop you right next to your apartment’s door when it’s raining. When he does that, say thank you but also ask for a cup of tea. There are good chances that he will not take it as he would get late to pick up his next passenger but he would feel appreciated. Being kind and showcasing the empathy always brings good vibes. When you produce good vibes for others, you get more good vibes back. This is nature in short.
Thanking someone is not just a formality or a ritual of good mannerism; instead, it keeps the doors of future open. When you say thank you for your deeds in favor of the one who helped you, you win their heart, and they stay ready to help you again in the future. Besides, you should also keep in mind that you have to return the help you received. Next time when your friend who helped in your project looks tense, approach them and extend support. That’s the meaning of thanking.
Being thankful and expressing it is humanity at the core. You need to learn to help, take help, be responsible and then thank others. And the more significant need is to express that you are thankful.
When you plant a sapling, water a plant, or care for a tree, you thank the nature. When you extend love to the environment, you appreciate the God. And then he thanks you let out come back to you in a beautiful manner again in the future. Do good, get good.
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