Thanks for uniting us!

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22 Jun, 19 12:20
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Thanks for uniting us!

Despite the charm of the T-20 cricket matches, the One Day Cricket matches with 100 overs a day is still shining bright and can send crazy waves to the cricket lovers. Bilateral or multi-team series also remain confined to the limited audiences, but when it comes to the World Cup, the entire world rejoices.

We all know very well that the world cup unites us, and we stand for our team as an Indian. Can you recall more such places or events that unites us? Probably, you might come up with a few more but not many. Now when you see the other side, we find plenty of reasons that separate us. And unfortunately, we are more focused on those negative things that keep us apart.

A big reason is a disbelief that one person can be more significant than the other in terms of money, power, and status. And that is why we see pressure on people to excel and win. They do not want to win with themselves and earn more peace of mind; instead, they want to defeat others.

If you go to social media, you will find people abusing others rather than supporting their leader. This mentality spews venom, and we see a new kind of negativity everywhere. Whether you are a positive person or not, you easily fall prey to this negativity.Afterall, we breathe contaminants with the fresh air, that’s not a choice!

Now, when you watch the world cup, where India plays as a team, and the players only represent India, we stand united. You never see one person abusing others over the world cup, rather one person shares their feelings about the match, and others add to it or just share it further. How beautiful is that?

So, cricket proves that we can live as Indian without any personal identity of the city, state, cast, religion, etc. Now, the question is, why don’t we? Why we choose a way that leads to unrest and hatred? And why don’t we feel like being as free as God makes us? We are born free and die free. We mess up in between the two stages.

We need to get rid of all the mess and web of society that prevents us from being an Indian and only Indian. Cheer for any good thing that happens around you. Help a person if you think they live in India. If you see from a height of 500-feet above from the Earth, you will be sad to see that all five fingers of the country are scattered. Let’s unite them to be a powerful punch and then see, what an India it would be. A great India can empower you with the same proportion.

Recently we were only Indian on the last Sunday when we defeated Pakistan in Manchester. Let’s continue with that idea of India and cheer for it, always

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