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08 May, 18 16:55
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We all know what Mirage is. Have you ever experienced such thing in your life? For a second, just hit the rewind button and think, any single incident which happened to be strange or just similar to a mirage?
*(at the wine shop)*
“Can I have two pints of Carlsberg? How much will one pint cost?” (Sid asked the vendor)
“80” (vendor replied).
“I think it will suffice. Bhaiya give us two pints. Do you take Paytm?”
“Yes, 9505078216.”
“Bhaiya, opener?”
“Wait a sec, Hmm, take it.”(he made the cap a bit loose)
“Kabir, you just park your bike here and we’ll go at the lakeside on mine.”
As they were walking towards their bikes, 2 girls on white Activa stopped by, to buy liquor. The one who was riding opened her scarf and walked towards the store. While the guys were crossing the girl the other one tried to hide her face. She ran towards her friend and said, “Hurry Up! Kabir is also here, I won’t open my scarf.”
The guys tried to slow their motion and acted as if they were a bit lethargic in starting off their vehicles. As soon as they saw the girls (with 2 pints of beer), they kick-started their bikes and slowly moved forward. Soon, they realized that the girls were moving in the same direction. The girls overtook them. After sometime, Sid thought to overtake the girls, just to make them comfortable and to get rid of the fact that they would sound too desperate if they kept following them.
Kabir warned him that if he overtakes them, they might end up losing their track. Sid was over confident and didn’t listen to Kabir. While they were climbing the slope near the lake, both Kabir and Sid were confused, in which direction they should move — left or right?
In panic they moved in the right direction but soon they realized that the girls didn’t come in their direction. They turned their bike immediately and hit the accelerator. The next moment was quite shocking. Both the girls were just lost. Like there was no sign of them in any direction. The boys were utterly shocked and both of them ran in different directions just to confirm whether the girls were actually there or not. After 10 minutes or so, they met at the same point where they departed in search of the girls. No sign and no one nearby saw any white Activa.
“Were they real?” (Sid asked)
“I don’t know. Like 5 seconds ago they took a left turn and 5 seconds after they vanished. I’m amused!”
“Dude! I’m not a desperate guy that I’m seeing women ghosts buying some beer and then riding their vehicle to the lakeside. I can’t digest this at all.” (Sid said)
“I think let’s chuck it and have our beer. Come brother.”
“But? … Okay let’s have our beer.” (Sid said)
*(a bit later)*
“This is the best place to sit. Take out the bottles brother.” (Sid said)
“Here have it man.” (Kabir, while taking out the bottles from his bag)
Just when the guys were about to take their first sip, they heard something.
“Excuse me?” (a female voice from behind)
They both turned to acknowledge the girl but their mouths were left opened for a minute. The same girls who were just lost, suddenly appeared and were standing right behind the boys.
“Excuse Me!!!!!!” (one of them stressed again)
“Yes! Ya..Hi ..Who are you ? I mean Hey!” (Kabir panicked while Sid was just staring both the girls)
“Can we sit next to you? If there is no problem.”
“Ya Sure! Why would we have any problem. Please please sit.”(Kabir said)
Both the boys murmured in a confusing manner. They were not believing that they were seeing those vanished girls again, and were sitting right next to them. They decided to act cool and start some conversation with the girls.
“Hi, I am Kabir and this is Sid.”
“Hi, I’m Sonam and she is Kritika.”
“Sonam and Kritika, nice names. So? Cheers guys.” (Sid nodded while lifting his bottle)
“So where you from girls? Like localite or from a different place?” (Sid asked)
“Yeah! we both are localites and you guys?” (Kritika replied)
“I’m from Delhi and he is from Jaipur.” (Kabir replied)
“Delhi, Oh WOW!”
Four of them had a conversation for about an hour or so. They were laughing continuously and enjoyed their beer. Sid was the happiest among the four as he wanted to have beer with his friend and some girls around. The conversation went very well and it was the perfect beer conversation. Now, it was the time to leave. Kritika and Sonam stood up and thanked both the boys for such a wonderful time and company. They said goodbye and were about to leave, just when Kabir said — Wait! let’s walk to the bikes together. They stood up and turned towards the girls and again mouths were left open (again).
You guys might be thinking what actually happened. Right?
Well, let me tell you that the girls vanished again. Disappeared. Kabir and Sid ran towards the parking area but they found no sign.
It’s pretty scary to be a part of such an incident. They went home questioning whether the girls were in real or was it their imagination. Or maybe it was a mirage? Because Sid and Kabir both wanted to chill with some girls.
Whatever it was they were pretty scared and decided to never go to that lake ever again.
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