Extending Celebrations

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03 Nov, 16 08:36
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Extending Celebrations Diwali is over now and its time to wrap up all the stuff. And here you will find plenty of things that you got more than you needed or you couldn’t use due to the festive rush. Now some of these things can be stored for next season of Diwali while some others can be used in next festival easily. But then still there are few things that can neither be stored for next season nor are totally useless to be thrown out. It’s time to collect all such stuff and make good use of it all.
This entire idea is basically not aimed at only cleaning up your house but it also spreads smiles across many underprivileged faces. When you give away left overs to the needy ones who could not afford those luxuries at the main time will still cherish your gifts and will celebrate the festival in their own way in their own space.
Generally, before or at the time of celebration, we do not notice that there are many kids and people who look at us desirably. And amid all the celebration and ecstasy, we fail to see that feel that those people or kids go through.
For us, as soon as Diwali is over, stuff like decorative colors, earthen lamps, crackers, and some sweets also become stale. We cannot preserve crackers and sweets and even decorative stuff for next season.
We generally store them with feel that we will save money on those next year but if we peek into the recent past, we will realize that most of the things we used this year were anew and freshly purchased. So, it is evident that retaining things won’t be useful and eventually most will be thrown out during the passage of time of one year.
Hitherto, you must have got idea that why should you look at give away such stuff to those who could not afford.
Now, a genuine question is that once the Diwali is over, why would anyone take crackers or decorative stuff?
And the answer is that when someone could not have things when all had it, they would have a desire to have them at any point of time. The feeling associated with such stuff and the happiness after having them does not reduce at any time.
Take your own example. Recall that shine of your eyes and raised heartbeat when you first noticed that urban SUV in auto expo last season. At that moment, you could only dream of it while many others booked it right away.
But then, after a few months, you got a handsome appraisal and now you could afford it. Did the happiness of getting it later reduce? No, in fact now you can enjoy it with a new fervour. ]
You are having it when most other cars have been outdated. You were not among masses and this is why you appear standout in the crowd.
Things that we desire never go outdated. Rather, our love for those get manifold. Same happens with those underprivileged kids who failed to have crackers, clothes, and sweets at the main occasion. But now when you let them have today after two days of Diwali, you still make them as happy as you got when you got all that stuff a few days ago.
There is nothing like giving. And when you start giving, you start getting. This may sound a bit philosophical but it is true. When you open your heart for giving, God open a channel for you to receive things that you desire. There is a constant flow of everything.
It starts from God and ends at God. You are a link. And the link works smoothly only when it it open at both sides. When you try and block the giving end, God has to block to receiving end to avoid flood.
So, by all means, giving is good. You get your house cleaned up, you enjoy the joy of giving, and you also open a channel for your own wellness.
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