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08 Dec, 17 11:46
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The ideas that have surfaced after the Udaipur edition of digifest are brilliant by all means. Apps catering to improve the quality of life and making things easy for one and all can really bring the sea change. And that too in very low cost in most of the cases.
Software development companies organize at least one hackathon every year where developers from various frameworks and models come up with ideas. They sit in a room and collaborate the development and create magnificent applications in given time like one day or two.
The proofs of concepts are then judged by experts and people and then the best ideas are not only awarded, they are also given space to become a reality. Many product-based companies launch software that once was idea of a team in the hackathon.
Useful ideas are not only supported financially but they are also given due help from experts. At times, the originator team is sent to places to learn more about the real-life scenario so that all the details and cases can be covered.
The idea of the state government was really nice and should be hailed. However, if the idea was to discover the talent in our country, that has been successful. But, the real challenge and the gravity of intentions will only be measured with the support the government provides to these innovators. Most of the ideas need heavy investment and support in all departments of development.
A developer should be given favorable environment, financial surety, and moral support, and then the real meaning of this hackathon will be served. Such events not only unearth the ideas that can change lives but also produce a probability of employment to the generation that needs it the most.
As we gallop into digitized generation, most of the things of life can be automated. And that can help us live a stress-free and relaxed life. More such ideas can generate employment and the core of Skill India campaign by the government can find more power to flourish.
Looking at the current need, we need more job-producing ideas but alone ideas cannot help. A systematic approach towards the development of ideas is needed. People all around the world are creating new stuff and making life simpler. And the recently concluded Udaipur Digifest proves that there is no dearth of ideas or plans. Most of these ideas are waiting to find a caretaker so that they see the light of the day. This light, in turn, will enlighten the world of many more people and we will be able to make a real futuristic India, Amen!
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