Old Age Knee Problems

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30 Jan, 18 13:49
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Old Age Knee Problems As the medicine is advancing & the expected age of living is increasing along with sedentary lifestyle, there is steady increase in population suffering from various age-related knee problems most commonly osteoarthritis.
Osteoarthritis is the term which signifies worn cartilage of joint and hence problems related to it like pain, difficulty in walking, climbing u and down stairs and “Sitting cross legged” Which is often the most common complaintof patients.
Causes of osteoarthritis are age, genetics (runs in family) rheumatoid arthritis, obesity” and trauma
Initial stages of knee arthritis can be treated conservatively with anti-inflammatorymedicines as well as newermedicines containing chondroitin, glucosamines anddiacerein. The most important part of conservative treatment is REGULAR knee exercises and precautions like avoid sitting cross legged and squatting.
Patients who fail with conservative treatment, increasing weight due to restricted activity and become bed ridden due to disability benefits the most with knee replacement surgery which can be either partial knee replacement or total knee replacement depending on the extent of arthritis and specific indication.
With the advances in knee replacement surgery in implants and instruments, recovery of the patient is really fast. Patient is made to walk very next day of surgery and also made to climb stairs and use bathroom independently and can be discharged within 3-4 days of surgery. After that rehabilitation with regular physiotherapy is required. Knee replacement surgery is one of the best innovations of modern medicine for leading your second innings happily pain free independently.
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