Hi-tech fountain installed near Dudh-Talai

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27 Oct, 17 13:14
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Udaipur. To further beautify the city lakes, Udaipur Municipal Corporation is installing 8 hi-tech fountains in the lakes of Udaipur. As part of this, one fountain has been installed in lake Pichola opposite Dudh Talai.The fountains will have LED lights along with aviation system. Each fountain will cost Rs 14 Lakhs and there will be a total of 8 such fountains costing a total of Rs 1.12 Crores.
Each fountain will have 20 LED lights. Out of these 4 lights are of 80 Watts and 16 lights of 20 Watts. The fountains are also equipped with 2 motors each of 5 horse power. 24 balls will help the fountain float in water.

UMC Commissioner Siddharth Sihag said that the fountains will help in beautifying the lake experience and also help in lake cleaning. The fountains will have 16 diffusers and each diffuser will clean water at the rate of 5 cubic metre per hour.
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