Sojatia Jewelers Unique Initiative

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27 Oct, 17 13:13
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Udaipur: Prior to Diwali, Sojatia Jewels celebrated the festival of happiness with the disadvantaged children by visiting various Divyang Ashrams, slum settlements in the city on Monday.
During this unique celebration sweets crackers diyas , saris were distributed to the mothers & children. Social activist Dr.Ranjeet Singh Sojatia said that the motive of festival is to sharing glee among each other.
In such a situation, no child should not away from the glow of Diwali, with the same thought, blankets, clothes and desserts were distributed among them. Dr. MahendraSojatia said that the happiness of children and their families is worthwhile.
They were overwhelmed with the sudden gifts he asked every rich person, including small companies and voluntary organizations, to make such a try so that the vision of equality to in reality.
During the unique iniciative Reena Sojatiawas also present. she told that this event is done by Sodhiya Jewelers every year before Diwali. The only thought behind this is to connect destitute and deprived people with the mainstream of the society and develop their self-confidence.
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