Positive future of Mime Art in India

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27 Oct, 17 13:13
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Vilas Janve : I recently visited Ujjain, a spiritual and cultural city of Madhya Pradesh, to participate in the 2nd National Mime Festival. Five groups from West Bengal, three from Madhya Pradesh, one from Assam, one from Maharashtra and mine from Rajasthan shared the stage. This was my second time here as I could not say no to the spirited Jitendra Tatwal, a young theatre director form Madhya Pradesh involved with this venture. He and his team of young professionals and college and school going children exhibited their proficiency both, on and off the stage.
The great theatre director and recipient of many International and National awards, Dr. Ratan Thiyam, former chairperson of National School of Drama inaugurated the festival. He appreciated the efforts of Madhya Pradesh Natak Lok Kala Academy and Kalidas Sanskrit Academy to popularize the art of Mime. He also reminisced his own visits to Ujjain when he staged classic Sanskrit Dramas. On this occasion, he blessed young artists and honoured participants. Last year the festival was graced by Dr. Shekhar Sen, the Chairperson of Sangeet Natak Academy who inaugurated the event. Presence and blessings of luminaries will continue to bring recognition to this Festival in the coming years. Until now, Mime art was popular in West Bengal andNorth Eastern states but slowly states like Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Goa are also becoming a hub of Mime. Even Fellowships and Scholarships are being awarded to artists of these states. This year's festival was organised in collaboration with the Directorate of Culture, Madhya Pradesh. It saw performances of highly professional Mime artistes like Moinul Haque form Guwahati. He staged his popular mimes like 'Childhood of Moinul', 'Balloon Seller', and 'I love Moinul ',' Buffet dinner and Boxing. He has mastered these mimes over a span of five thousand shows. He impressed the audience of Ujjain with his tremendous acting caliber. The accompanying live and recorded music was handled by Ratan Dass along with special light effects. Moinul is recipient of many prestigious awards including Sangeet Natak Academy Award. A group mime 'Babaon ki Leela', presented by Madhya Pradesh Natak Lok Kala Academy and directedby Jitendra Taltwal, showcased the present scenario of pseudo babas. Young boys and girls acted withwholehearted involvement. Kalptaru Guha, acclaimed National Award winning artist form Ameya Creative Art, Asansol, West Bengal enthralled spectators with his comedy solo mime, 'Cricket'. He portrayed different characters causing laughter.
Rangtal Theatre, Kolkata presented two group mimes namely 'Unity is strength' and 'Physiotherapist'. These mimes were lengthy with repetitive actions and could leave little impact on audience. A group of young artist from Karmyogi Creative Group, Bhopal staged a happy-ending group mime showcasing a love story where a pickpocket experiences a transformation and quits his criminal life. The director of this mime 'Buddhadiction', Nitish Dube could have made it more entertaining and effective in conveying the message with editing. Winner of State Award of Role Model,Govt. of West Bengal, Chandrkant Shirali and his team consisting of three hearing impaired artists staged a mime called 'Jeevan nahin dobara' showcasing ill-effects of consuming alcohol and drugs.They hail from Thakurnagar Mime Academy of Culture, 24 Parganas, West Bengal. They used sign language to enhance their expressions. Senior Artist and Director of Muk Academy, Kolkata, Mukul Deb presented a solo mime 'The Park', aduet mime 'Robot' and a group mime 'Bhoj' showcasing talent of young and senior artistes. Mukul Deb is a versatile actor and his presentations had a blend of comedy and pathos. His hearing impaired artists, Soham Dasgupta, Pranav Nandi and Shubhankar did a remarkable job.Thakurnagar Theatrics, Thakurnagar, 24 Parganas, West Bengal, presented an emotional mime 'Sacrifice'. The protagonist was a nun who helped every needy person she came across, helping desperate people, disregarding her own discomfort to the point that she sacrificed her life to save ayoung girl. Hats off to the Founder Director, Thakurnagar Theatrics, Jagdeesh Gharami who could exhibit such enormous talent. The youngest actor Shivam Haldhar (6 years) impressed with his innocent gestures.The older actors included Susmita Das, Sujata Das Sachin Shaudhary and Kamon Deb. A group presentation 'Mother' by Abhidha Natya Sansthan, Khandwa was directed by Yuvraj Chauhan. Seven young girls made their debut through this emotionally charged mime. The young team Showed potential. It is good to learn that small towns of Madhya Pradesh have also started emerging in this silent theatre. Kiran Janve presented mime 'My Child' based on a poem from Gurudev Ravindra Nath Tagore's creation, 'Geetanjali'. Her natural acting studded with emotions added meaning to the mime. She also accompanied me in the comedy, 'Hurdle full Honeymoon', representing Martand Foundation, Udaipur.A new concept was incorporated by Dev Faujdar from Mumbai who performed mime shows on streets and shopping mall to invite people. Dev himself is a versatile artist and promotes mime in Mumbai.
Looking at the variety presented by groups it is evident that mime art's future is in good hands. Artists are innovating from the conventional. Experiments in expressions are redefining mime. Many directors have created mimes from poetry, story, fiction and current topics. Some are exploring the longer acts or mime dramas (Silent Drama). Many mime directors have created mimes from poetry, story, fiction and current topics. It is a healthy progress, although not all groups experimented thoughtfully.Fact is, mimes which have innovations, aesthetics and an emotional attachment with certain themes, stay for long. This art deals with Sativak, Angik Abhinay and Aharya Abhinay, three out four essential elements of acting.This Mime festival had many students or artists inspired by Padmashree Niranjan Goswami who is Director, Indian Mime Theatre, Kolkata. Though Guru Jogesh Dutta of Kolkata initiated mime in modern India but Niranjan Da has done pivotal work in popularizing mime by organizing National Mime Festivals in various states including starting National Mime Institute at Kolkata. Other Mime Directors from West Bengal, Assam, Manipur, Tripura, Delhi, Rajasthan, M.P., U.P., Telangana, A.P., Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa, Kerala and Chhattisgarh are also working on various mime productions.
Mime has become an event of Youth Festivals too and many school children are getting scholarships in the art. NGO's are incorporating mime through nukkad-nataks to popularize various schemes. Given such a buzzing atmosphere, Mime will soon find its due place in the world of performing arts and be here to stay.
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