New leaning in Udaipur-B for bath, C for cleaning, D for dustbin

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01 Aug, 17 11:25
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Udaipur: Children in tribal belt will learn English in Modis way, an NGO has planed and put before administration the new l concept of English learning among children now they will force to learn 'A for abuse in place of apple' or 'B for bath in place of ball'. Now, it's, , C for cleaning in place of camel and D for dustbin in place of Dog and so on..
In order to make Prime Minister Narendra Modi's flagship cleanliness program, Swachh Bharat Mission, a success, the Udaipur administration, along with a private firm, has initiated a cleanliness awareness drive and roped in school children for the pilot project.
Under the campaign, a new set of words with the corresponding Hindi and English alphabet has been developed containing pictures and names of different articles related to the importance of sanitation.
Like, 'Ka' stands for Kachara inplace of Kamal and so on The campaign has been conceptualized by a UK-based organization, Wells for India.
New games containing messages and slogans related to cleanliness has also been distributed among students which will help them understand the importance of cleanliness and hygiene in life.
OP Sharma country, head of the organization, said, "We are a UK-based organization working on spreading the message of cleanliness in the country. We are supporting the prime minister's flagship program and creating innovative ideas to promote the initiative."
"The idea of developing Hindi and English alphabets around sanitation is to develop good hygiene and sanitation practices among students. The Hindi alphabets Ka se Kachra, Kha se Khad, Ga se Gandagi will encourage students to not only think about these words but also act according to them in their lives," Sharma said.
The campaign was launched by Udaipur district collector Bishnu Caharan Mallick on Thursday and the learning material has been distributed among the students on Friday.
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