Nandan Katha - Visually Impaired Actors Over whelmed Audience

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01 Aug, 17 11:06
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Vilas Janve

Nandan Katha - Visually Impaired Actors Over whelmed Audience Udaipur: "Nandan Katha", a unique musical play conceived written and directed by well known theatre director, Bharat Ratna Bhargav was jointly staged by Music Lovers Club and West Zone Cultural Centre, Udaipur at Darpan Auditorium this Sunday evening Produced by Natyakulam, Jaipur this was second play enacted by visually impaired students at Udaipur.

Two years back Natykulam show cased in "Eidgaah" in the same auditorium and received applaud of full house. This time the hall was not full but every spectator who saw the play gave standing ovation.

Naturally, those who could not come missed a rare experience of watching good theatrical production.

Actors proved that they were professional. Most of the actors were very young kids who displayed full command on stage and dialogues. One can imagine the amount of rehearsals they had to measure acting

area and without fail they could maintain the space. Hat's off to Bharat Ratna Bhargav to create such level of confidence and professionalism in the young actors.

The play revolves story of two young brothers Shobhit (sighted) and Nandan(Visually impaired).Shobhit is a topper in studies and studded with cultural values inherited from his mother Sarla where as Nandan is a good at singing but is neglected by his father Bhola.

The family is poor, illiterate and

deprived. Shobhit gets admission and Government School and gets scholarship. Bhola gets influenced byJeevan Singh, a money lender and decides to send Nandan to orphanage. Sarla and Shobhit strongly oppose this decision. But, once, Bhola takes his family out to attend 3 days marriage celebration locking Nandan at home. Helpless Nandan is confined to his room in miserable condition where as his father enjoys celebration. Suddenly group of Swami passes by his home singing Bhajans. Hearing them, Nandan also starts singing .His melodious voice attracts Swami. Later Swami takes young Nandan to his ashram

as disciple to make his great singer. Wicked Jeevan Singh gets punishment for his bad deeds. His loses his family and house in devastating fire making him blind and poor bagging on streets. Kind hearted

Shobhit recognizes Jeevan Singh and provides shelter in Swami's Ashram giving the play a happy end..The main objective of the play was to generate love and respect towards every human being especially for the DIVYANG(Differently abled people). The play also motivated DIVYANG people in building confidence, they are second to none, they have certain qualities and they have great potential to enhance their artistic talent.

This was candidly revealed during performance and curtain call where each artiste was applauded not only by the audience but the entire cast.A word of praise for the protagonist, Anshul kumawat (Nandan) for exhibiting tremendous talent. Abhinav Natyakulam as "Shobhit" equally impressed audience. At some occasion he outstood with his fine delivery of dialogues. Being sighted he opted to cover his eyes to have feeling of the blind. Similarly assistant director Prem Chand Saini ( Bhola) and Pooja Bhati(Sarla) also covered their eyes which is praise worthy. They too acted well. Hemant Sharma(Swami) and Rohit Prajapati (Jeevan Singh) also handled their roles proficiently. Nandini Solanki as Nartaki was very expressive. Rest of the cast namely Lal Chand, Ashok Kumar, Deepak Dahima, Divyansh Chaudhary,Rudresh Goswa,Salman Khan, Rajendra Meena,Vijay Saini, Amanya, Gautam Lal Meghwal,Tinku Yadav, Prafull Bharti, Mukesh Jat, Rakesh Barala, Sangeeta Chaudhary, Lakshmi Solanki, Chandrapal Singh Chaudhary, Girdhar Meghwal, Tushar Salvi,Vinay and Deepak Dayma did their best to make it a memorable presentation.Music of the play was carefully designed by well known singer and composer Dr. Prem Bhandari who is also chief consultant of Music Lovers Club.

The song 'Anar bhi hamne khaye' and the concluding song impressed a lot. He was assisted by Girdhari Meghwal in music and accompanied by Gurminder Singh Puri in recorded songs.

Light was looked after by by Rajeev Mishra and sound by Jaswant Singh.A unique feature of the play was the perfect combination, confidence, understanding and belongingness of these visually impaired actors.During curtain call Furqan Khan, Director West Zone Cultural Centre said that mere congratulating Bharat ji would not suffice, he deserved Salute . Dr. Vinay Joshi, President Music Lovers Club honored artistes and the director.Bharat Ratna Bhargav along with Furqan Khan,Dr. Vinay Joshi,RK Sukhwal,Dr. Prem Bhandari,Poonam Ladia, Dr. Jitendra Tayaliya, Susheel Chaudhari released magazine "Tarang" on this occasion.
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