Provide Subsidy for Rain water Harvesting like Solar Plants

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17 Jul, 17 14:05
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In last few days ago the state government issued an advertisement that it will provide 30 % subside for those who install solar plants for production of electricity on their roofs.definitely this will mitigate the availability of electricity in the state
The state government should also provide such subsidy for those installing Roof Top Rain Water harvesting on their buildings as this act will also increase the falling underground water level in the state & enhance the availability of the water & improve the quality of water to this water starved state.
Announcement during this monsoon will motivate many to save this rain water. Delhi Government is already giving 50 % subsidy for this purpose since last ten years.The same can be distributed through local self bodies in the state .other wise the RAIN water will go to DRAIN as it is going every year.
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