Singer of Rajasthan got global exposure

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17 Jul, 17 13:56
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Singer of Rajasthan  got global exposure Udaipur: 'Surilon Rajasthan The Best Singer of Rajasthan' television broadcasts first episode aired on Saturday from DD Rajasthan at 8 PM. 13 episodes will be telecast on every Saturday . For the first five episodes, songs were produced& recorded by Priya studios, under the directions of Chetan Bhatt and Mangeshwar Vaishnav and their Team. the selection of artists for the next episode, auditions held on July 16.
Director of serial. Mushtaq Samir informed that they had received permission to telecast13 episodes based on run one episode per week by television, five episodes have been prepared .The winer of frist episode is Marisha Dixit.
यह खबर निम्न श्रेणियों पर भी है: Udaipur News
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