Delicious Food is a God Gift for Indians - Kunal Kapoor

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10 Jul, 17 11:39
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Delicious Food is a God Gift for Indians - Kunal Kapoor Udaipur: Kunal Kapoor, the judge and celebrity chef of Master chef India, believes that in every Indian house the flavors of making delicious foods exist in any dish. while making food In the Shouryagarh Resort & Spa celebrity chef praised the taste and art of Udapurites in the workshop of Comfort Food, saying that when you cook for yourself, you do not have to think much, but when you make a meal for someone else it should be simple and fascinating.After workshop, Shef Kunal Kapoor said to journalists that he has been working on European and Asian dishes from many years, especially on Chinese cuisine, and he himself likes all kinds of cousins.Kunal Kapoor told about his first cookbook, "A Safe in Every One Home", that it took about four to four years to make its collection and process simple and useful, but response is very encouraging.
He said that every person who likes to cook and eat food is not required. There are many opportunities such as food consultants, flavor developers, food stylists, food bloggers and researchers in this area.Satish Arora of Kuwait, Clinton Director, said that good training in food business can be done through the new ideas. He told India's food to be favored across the world and to be the best. In the meantime, Basu shared his Beaver's experience with journalists.The press was also addressed by Rupam Sarkar, GMShouryagarh, Shafar Sudhir Pai, Rohan Sable, general manager of Resort and Spa. Before the food and wine festival is set to begun, called media and told about the festival.
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