Nature interpretation center and tribal museum at Sajjangarh fort

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06 Jul, 19 11:34
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Nature interpretation center and tribal museum at Sajjangarh fort

Udaipur: Visitors coming here at SajjanGarh fort popularly known as the Monsoon Palace , would not just see the splendour of the heritage monument but also get an insight about the sculpture, architect and story behind the making of the fort.  The Forest Department has developed a nature interpretation center and a tribal museum here which is now open for the public. ” The facilities have been developed incurring a cost of 70 lakh rupees that has been granted by the Tribal Development Department. The technical works have been completed by Center for Education and Environment (CEE) Ahmedabad. 

This is first time anywhere that a nature interpretation center with Augmented Reality technology has been launched for visitors at any fort where they can experience the thrill of being amid the wild creatures” Rahul Bhatanager  saidThe nature interpretation center has been built on the ground floor where flora and fauna found in the region has been put to the public display in form of models. 

An audio video slide show would be on play continuously illustrating about the hundreds of plants, animals and avian varieties found in Mewar and surrounding areas. Medicinal and ecological properties of the plants and trees would be elaborated. 

Most interesting part would be the feeling to roam around with the wild animals like leopards, python,  bearetc through augmented reality technology through which the animals too would seem responding to the visitors gestures. ” At the first floor is the tribal museum where visitors would learn interesting facts about the tribal people, their customs, costumes,  ornaments, eating and living style in their natural environment. There would also be an audio video show of the Sajjangarh fort in its grandeur: Rahul said.

After the launching of AR technology at Sajjangarh Biological Park making it the first one of its kind in the country , visitors are thronging here in large numbers.  Augmented Reality (AR),  an immersive experience which is used to enhance the real world using computer generated graphics. The technology allows users to interact,learn and engage with the real environment with mixture of digital layer.

The app based software helps visualise the animals in case they are in their enclosures and give a way to see them from different angles. 

The main idea is to help the tourists and visitors to see the animals from any point of the enclosure.  ” The motto behind launch of this technology is to educate people about the various animals in zoo. The app would enable information about the species and educate everyone along with the excitement of seeing them so closer on their mobile phones.  This would help schools to bring in their students to understand and increase their love towards these species” he added 

Kumbhalgarh and TodgarhRaoli jungle safari closed for 3 months

The jungle safari in Kumbhalgarh and TodgarhRaoli will stay closed for 3 months from 1st July. Keeping in mind the safety of visitors during monsoons, the safaris will be kept completely closed until 30th September. 

the jungle safaris will remain closed as the forest has unpaved road which gets even more damaged and dangerous during monsoons. Driving vehicles on these roads is a risky task, hence the safaris will be kept closed until the monsoon gets over


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