Rendezvous with Udaipur

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27 Feb, 19 09:32
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- Rithvik Singh Rathore

Rendezvous with Udaipur

Udaipur: From being a lesser known small city, with its palaces bustling with almost a hundred different ballads narrating its prestigious position in history as one of the most cherished kingdoms of Mewar, the beloved land of the valiant Rajput rulers of the past, Udaipur has gradually ascended to being one of the most famous tourist destinations and a preferred place for big fat destination weddings in India.

In history, the city never saw an autumn of gloom but many springs of victory and joy. Ever since this historical capital of Mewar was founded in 1558 by MaharanaUdai Singh-2, it has remained a source of poetic inspiration and a miniature heaven in a world of disillusionment.

The palaces in the city resonate with the notes of “KesariyaBalam” and the city duly glitters in its unparalleled magnificence, akin to an evergreen tree covered in the leaves of bliss. Men with traditional turbans and women cladded in beautiful ethnic Mewari wear would greet you and with their hospitality, make you feel home.

Once one enters the city, the city casts its spell over the person and hence, bidding goodbyes as the vacation ends becomes difficult for the visitors. Men and women from foreign lands rejoice the beats of “Ghoomar” and often join in the nimble-footed dancers in their poetic performances. They apply heena to their hands and legs and with immense happiness purchase the much acclaimed jewelry, mirror-work ghaghras and other souvenirs. The “KachiGhodi Dance” is a delight to the eye and so are the artefacts and musical performances in the widely visited “Shilp Gram”.

Recently while travelling to Udaipur from Ajmer in a train, I was elated to meet a group of Australian visitors who were keenly discussing the tales they had heard of the beauty of the city and its ability to make home in the hearts of anybody who seeks to venture it.

The weather here is never oppressive, with moderately cold winters and similar summers, it is just suitable for relishing famous seasonal delicacies in the vicinity of the many lakes, that form a part of the city. Encircled by the “Aravalis” like a mother embraces a child, calling the city an embodiment of beauty wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

The images of the “FatehSagar” and the “Pichola Lake” have never ceased to break the internet and always tickle the travel bug. A sense of connection and a feeling of oneness with the elements of nature would embrace you while in boating in the midst of shining waters.

While travelling to the city, one must not miss out the chance of visiting the following places:

1. The Lakes: The lakes are a treasure to behold. Connected like pearls in a necklace, most of these lakes are in a close proximity to each other and a great source of recreation, fun and frolic.

2. The Palaces: The residence of the ancient rulers, these are the sites known for exquisite architectural brilliance and intricately carved engravings. Anybody who visits the city must visit at least the City Palace, the Taj Lake Palace and the Monsoon Palace.

3. Regal Gardens and Museums: In the lap of nature, everything seems to be more beautiful and more meaningful. The “MotiMagri” is one such site and “Saheliyon Ki Bari” is another. The City Museum is a delightful preserver of the history of the city comprising of the various weapons, paintings, artefacts, etc. of historical importance.

4. Handicrafts: Having to its credit one of the largest markets dealing in handicrafts and one of the few places in the country reflecting such diversity in the market ranging from traditional handicrafts and marble statues and stone crafts to paintings depicting the beauty of the place painted by renowned painters.

5. Temples: The “Jagdish Temple” is one of the famous temples of the city. Temples are much frequented by tourists for primarily the sculptures and wall art and secondarily for the unprecedented calmness and tranquility they provide.

Apart from the various mentioned epicenters attracting tourists from around the world to the city, the city is famous for the surprises it provides one at each step. One may be astonished to see a peacock serenely sitting somewhere relishing its freedom or a rare bird chirruping in full bloom. 

Exploring the entire city requires a lifetime, but cherishing the charismatic streets and the bustling bazaars along with the congenial folks and of course, the silent babble of the lakes is a treasure to behold!If the earth were a canvas, and God, the artist, I bet He would have taken the maximum time to paint this glorious city in the most vibrant colours of beauty mingled with an air of everlasting happiness and serenity.

In conclusion, my love for this city goes beyond infinity. One travels to enjoy and Udaipur ensures it provides joy and happiness blended with enjoyment to all its visitors! 




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