“Milestone in Medical History”

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26 Nov, 18 11:26
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Udaipur: Geetanjali Medical College & Hospital’s Nephrologist Dr. Gulshan Kumar Mukhiya have successfully performed the dialysis of a 17 years old boy hailing from local district. The patient so treated had accidentally swallowed one naphthalene ball which had resulted in Heme Pigment Nephropathy due to the deficiency of G6PD. This has been claimed as a first successful case in Medical History.“G6PD is required for normal functioning of red blood cells. Its deficiency perceives no symptoms but if exposed to medicines causing oxidative stress may lead to bursting of RBC and the filter of hemoglobin so quick & fast ultimately ending in kidney failure.
In this case also, as the patient was having this congenital deformity so as soon as the consumption of one naphthalene ball, his both kidneys stopped working and only 3.6 grams hemoglobin was left in his body. He was rushed to Geetanjali Hospital in emergency where blood investigations confirmed the deficiency of G6PD. Due to this deficiency the patient suffered from a reaction named Hemolaysis, wherein the red blood cells got burst and settle in kidneys resulting in kidney failure. This makes the hemoglobin filter so fast that it gets all collected in the kidney. He was kept on dialysis for three times with blood transfusion together to make him survive.
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