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30 Oct, 18 09:58
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_ANIL CHHAJERHIS THE REGIONAL DIRECTOR OF UDAIPUR Udaipur: After thirty- three years of foundation in the USA, Business Network International - BNI has launched it’sfirst chapter BNI – Sapphire, Udaipur and the 492nd Chapter in the country with Hall of Fame status with 35 business members. The session was graced by Mr AtulJoglekar , Head india operations , Mr. Sunil Kuhzuvelil – District Director, New Delhi and Mr.AkshayGoyal – District Director, Jaipur
Anil Chhajerh is the Regional Director and heads the Udaipur region on behalf of BNI.
BNI is the world’s largest business networking organisation established over 33 years ago and present in over 74 countries with over 2,42,365 members globally. In the last 12 months, BNI members globally have exchanged 15.5 Billion US dollars of business through referrals.
It started in India 12 years ago and now spread to over 67 cities with more than 24,500+ members. They have generated more than 9045 crores of rupees between members in the last 12 months. The essence of BNI is ‘Givers Gain Philosophy’ a trademark concept which emphasizes that the more one gives in terms of referrals and business within a network they will be reciprocated with the same in multiple paces.
Mr. Anil Chhajerh informed members in BNI, meet weekly to exchange quality business referrals between each other which provide an opportunity to grow their businesses. We are in the process of launching four chapters presently and expect the Udaipur region to grow to a member size of 500 in a year’s time.This is the only organizations of its type, which also eliminates the chance of competition by allowing only one person from a specific profession in each chapter.
The idea behind BNI is to help members increase their business through a structured, positive and professional business networking and referral program that enables them to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with quality business professionals. In BNI, members do not pay any commissions for the business they gain through the referrals received.
The organization aims to create an outstanding culture that promotes collaboration and co creation. The average seat value per member in new business terms in BNI India is INR 38 lakhs per year and growing.
The Forbes Magazine had named BNI in the list of Top 3 Essential Local Small Business Associations you should belong to in the current ever evolving business space.
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