Gaurav returns home-Cancer awareness campaign

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30 Oct, 18 09:57
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Gaurav returns home-Cancer awareness campaign Udaipur: Gaurav Mohnot is back home in Udaipur after a long journey undertaken for cancer awareness campaign.
Udaipur’s pride Gaurav reached back in the city on Tuesday after a 66-day journey on his favourite bullet. This bullet man was away on cancer awareness campaign and has covered almost 16 thousand kilometres of journey. He has travelled from Kashmir to KanyaKumari, Arunachal Pradesh to Leh, Bhutan and Nepal with the objective of spreading cancer awareness.
Gaurav says that he was welcomed by children and teachers along with others and met around 40 thousand people and discussed about cancer with them. Gaurav was deeply moved when a little child lost his life to cancer and this grieved him a lot. He sincerely wishes that no person should be at loss due to shortage of funds and his journey was to make the people aware that help is only a call away. His journey was meant to raise funds for deprived cancer patients. He feels that people shouldn’t miss out on treatment due to shortage of funds. There are too many people who are not able to afford the expensive treatment and finally succumb to cancer.
GauravMohnot is basically a wedding planner and now his main aim is life is to provide the best of financial assistance for cancer treatment to people.
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