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23 Oct, 18 09:46
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Udaipur: On the occasion of celebrating the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi's birth anniversary, which showcased patience, tolerance, and peace throughout the world, the whole Jain community came together and appealed to Jharkhand Chief Minister to save the Mountain in Giridih district of Jharkhand, India. According to Hemant M Shah, Director of Public Relations, Save Shikharji, told that shikariountain range or Parasnath Mountain is also ancient, with the spiritual, cultural and religious history, the beginning of modern history. International research scholars have found evidence of being inscriptions in old Sanskrit from the 12th century in this spiritual hill. The 'Save Shikharji' campaign is a campaign to highlight the spiritual significance of that national treasure of India, where twenty Jain pilgrims from twenty-four along with several other monks received salvation for thousands of years. Even today, people do 27 km of Parasnath hill with full-scale reverence.
In this junction of Madhuban, people want to live positive and peaceful lives by experiencing spiritual awareness, but unfortunately, these beautiful forests are also being neglected. Not only this, but forests also have the risk of commercial exploitation. We have to work now to save it. In September 2015, Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das announced that he would develop the summit as a place of spirituality and knowledge at the international level. To this they welcomed a Jain delegation, keeping interest in the purity of the hill, showing interest in providing some basic amenities without tampering with its structure.
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