Agricultural Technology Transfer is the need of the hour - Dr. Balraj Singh

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03 Oct, 18 11:24
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Udaipur: The closing ceremony of 21 day Summer School sponsored by MaharanaPratap Agriculture and Technology University. Udaipur in the joint venture of Indian Council of Agricultural Research and Research, New Delhi was held on Thursday.
Addressing the ceremony as the Chief Guest, Vice-Chancellor Prof. Balraj Singh said that it is very important to ensure the participation of all the institutions in the goal of doubling the income of farmers by the year 2022. He said that there is a need for modern technology transfers in agriculture and our agricultural universities can play a major role in this.Presiding over the function, Dr. Umashankar Sharma, Vice Chancellor, MaharanaPratap Agriculture and Technology University, Udaipur said that different dimensions of agricultural development such as increase in crop production, improvement in livestock production, resource utilization efficiency, crop concentration increase, higher value Diversity through the crops of the farmers, for the improvement of the value of the farmers and for the change in agriculture and non-agricultural work, we all should work in planed way. In order to fulfill the commitment of the Prime Minister to double the income of farmers by 2022, universities and research institutions will have to move together with the government in step by step and the innovations in agriculture should be provided to farmers. In the field of animal husbandry, along with investments in agriculture and agricultural development, more emphasis will be given to increase the income of our farmers twice.
He said that through this curriculum, he got information about innovations and innovative techniques in agriculture to increase the income of farmers who would go to their own states and use it. All participants were given certificates to complete this course. On this occasion, "Technical intervention in agriculture: doubling the income of farmers: collection of technical intervention" was also released. Curriculum Director Dr. J. L. Chaudhary presented a brief report of the activities that took place during the 21st day and said that in this course 26 scientists from 15 institutions of 8 states participated. The program was conducted by Dr. RekhaVyas, the co-coordinator of the course and Dr. Devendra Jain thanked him. On this occasion Dr. Abhay Mehta, Research Director, Dr. SnehlataMaheshwari, Director, Dr.I.J. Mathur, In-charge, Dr. E. Amiratus Dr. R. Swaminathan, Director Planning, Dr. Surendra Kothari, Director, Resident Director, Dr. R.A. Kaushik, College of Excellence, Dr. Ajay Sharma, Director of Student Welfare, Dr. Suman Singh, Director of Fisheries College, Dr. Subodh Sharma, various Heads of Departments and Principal were present.
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