Marxism is the path of freedom from exploitation: Dipankar Bhattacharya

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03 Oct, 18 10:55
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Marxism is the path of freedom from exploitation: Dipankar Bhattacharya Udaipur: 'Marxism is the path of freedom from exploitation. Karl Marx analyzed capitalism and told the world that the capital derives its power from the exploitation of the working classes. Therefore he called for the unity of working classes of the world and gave the principle of class consciousness, class unity and class struggle to change the world and make it a more just, democratic and happier place. ' This was stated by comrade Dipankar Bhattacharya , General Secretary of CPIML ( Liberation). He was addressing a seminar on the 200th Anniversary year of Karl Marx organized by Udaipur committee of CPIML and allied organizations in the hall of VigyanSamiti, Ashok Nagar, Udaipur, Rajasthan. He said that capitalism breeds slavery while Marxism is a philosophy that preaches the freedom of individuals. Comrade Dipankar said that Karl Marx was aware of Indian condition of the colonial oppression by the British and in England in 1850 he wrote that India is soon going to be free from the yoke of British imperialism. He said that Marxism is the philosophy of change and has always shown the path of the emancipation of the masses. In the beginning state committee member of CPIML comrade Shankar LalChaudhary presented an outline of the programme and appealed to the audience to assimilate the ideas of Karl Marx and propagate them wherever they worked. He said that in India 73 percent of the entire resources are with just 1% of the people. This cannot go on . We need to fight tooth and nail to overthrow such an exploitative regime. Beginning the discussion of the theme of the seminar " Marxism in the Present Context: People's Aspirations and Challenges of Movement', Prof. HemendraChandalia said that Capitalism converts everyone into a commodity while Marxism is a humanitarian philosophy.
It is shocking that those who have acquired power by exploiting others and setting up their authority over countries are talking about there being no alternative to capitalism. The truth is that the Socialism is a desirable alternative which will ensure emancipation of the masses. He recited portions of poems composed by Karl Marx , Mao tse Tung and Avtar Singh Pash and urged people to study these revolutionaries as poets which will help in a holistic understanding of these philosophers. Comrade MahendraChaudhary, state secretary, CPIML, said that the present governments at the center as well as in the state of Rajasthan, need to be overthrown. They have benefitted the capitalists and allowed them to leave this country safely. The price of Diesel and Petrol is rising daily causing immense suffering to the masses. Addressing the gathering noted poet and leader of Progressive Bohra Community Mr. AbidAdeeb said that Marxism is the true path of humanity. To build a just society no religion can contribute more than this ideology.
Comrade Rajesh Singhvi, secretary of CPIM, Udaipur City, said that it is a misnomer that communists are believers in violence. He said that SardarBhagat Singh, who was a communist, said that revolution is not a thing to be achieved by Pistol or Bomb, it has to be invoked through the ideas and thoughts.
The Presidium members Pratap Singh Devra, district secretary, CPIM, Comrade Bhanvari and the participants including journalist Himmat Seth, Advocate Manna Ram Dangi, EklavyaNandwana , AICTU secretary SaurabhNaruka also made their presentations. Party comrades from Jaipur, Pratapgarh, Jhunjhnu, villages of Udaipur and hundreds of other people from urban colonies and slums also participated in the programme. The programme was convened by Prof. SudhaChaudhary, Central Committee member, CPIML. Prof. L.R. Patel offered a vote of thanks.
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