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04 Sep, 18 10:01
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Udaipur: The debate contest in the Pacific university of Computer Application was organized on 1st September 2018, in which students expressed their views in their favor and opposition in the role of Internet in industrial revolutions. They were of view that during the second half of the eighteenth century and the nineteenth century some Western countries have drastic change in , technical social and economic &cultural conditions by technological devices likeRobotisk, artificial sources,etc.Mechanical producerscreat abnormal decline in men power creating un employment. Principal of the institute, DilendraHiran said that when the factories were born and produced in the form of scientific endowments in place of craft, it was called the Industrial Revolution. Hassan Mogagmwala remained first in the debate contest contest and Rahul Lohar stoodsecond while Anish Manu has to satisfy with the third place.
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