In love with Krishna

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04 Sep, 18 09:42
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In love with Krishna Udaipur/Mumbai: Udaipur is the city where every festival is celebrated with traditional ways and great fervour. Krishna Janmashtami is one such festival. The association of tales of lord Krishna is long and strong with the city. The famous Jagdish Temple right next to the city palace of Udaipur endorses the fact well. The day remains a holiday, so you see hustle bustle all the day since the morning. For kids it’s a matter of savouring delicacies like Laddoo and others, for others it’s a matter of experiencing the brightness and glitter of having Krishna around.
Another temple which sees Mathura like a gathering of devotees and enthusiasm is the ShriNathDwara temple. Situated merely at the distance of 50 kilometres from the Udaipur city, the temple is the world famous abode of Shrinathji. Not only the devotees from Udaipur visit the temple, but a huge number of people from across the world plan their visit well in advance and reach here well in time.
Generally and more than often, it rains well this day. People take it as the blessings of the lord. Small and big, all the temples celebrate the birth of lord Krishna with due rituals and traditions. People keep visiting the temple and pull the string of the swing on which the lord rests. They offer all kind of sweets including the milk products like butter. Butter is the milk product lord loves the most, and in the love of the lord, people offer their love in the form of butter.This day is also auspicious to fast and offer all the love to the lord. People fast the whole day, and unlike other fasting days, they break the fast only past midnight after the pooja. The Lord’s birth time is midnight and people observe the fast to pay their respect and love.
The home-based temples are cleaned and adorned with lights, flowers, and rangoli. Sweets are prepared at home. A special curd-based recipe called Panchammrit is prepared which contains at least five indispensible ingredients including yogurt, cow milk, honey, ghee, and liquid jaggery. This is the prime offering to the lord’s infant incarnation. Once offered, the remaining panchamrit is consumed by all the members of the family.
In the temple, the panchamrit is prepared at a large scale and then is distributed to each devotee who pays a visit.
The overall atmosphere of the day remains filled with a natural joy that emanates from the bottom of the heart. You do not need to be a regular temple visitor to feel the magic of the day. The day assures us time and again that the lord is listening to us and resides within our hearts.
The almighty is well aware and will be our only saviour in life against any odds.
The happiness of Shrikrishna Janmotsav at Miraz morning
The devotees played Holi with Radha-Krishna formations, late night hot spell competition
The birthday of Banke Bihari Sri Krishna Kanhaiya Lal Janmashtami Parva was celebrated near Miraj Morning, Sector-14 with Janmashtami Parva, by the Riddhi Siddhi Charitable Trust and ApnaParivar with rites and rituals. Pt. Skand Kumar Pandya beautifully described the birth of Shri Krishna At 12 o'clock in the night, Pt. Skand Kumar Pandya, as soon as the eighth son of Devaki was born, Vasudev crossing the Yamuna by placing Kanha on the head impressed audience on the theme "Nand's Anand Bhoyo Jay KanhaiyaLal" ..., sing the hymns, keep Vasudev Krishna in the basket as tableau, and reach among the devotees. Along with this, the function to celebrate the birth anniversary of the celebration began, and the artists " rendered the scene even further with the song's presentation. All the devotees touching the feet of Kanha, from the beautiful sleeping in the basket, they appeared.Vrindavan's flower Holi was staged after Lord Krishna's birth. Trust's chairman LalitTiwari, - Founder PreityTiwari, Trustee Ishaan Pandya, Hemendra Rawal graced the ceremony
Youth zeal
At the end of the celebration, the MatkiPhod contest was held till late at midnight. 5 teams participated in the MatkiFode contest and the winning team received a cash prize of Rs 2100 from the Trust. Award is given to Nanhe Kanhaiya
On the festival of Janmashtami, beautiful children were given attractive prizes by the Trust for 5 years of coming to Lord Krishna.
Actor-Danseuse Gracy Singh performs at ISKCON 5
Amazing grace!
Actor-Danseuse Gracy Singh performed along with her troupe at ISKCON, Juhu, on the occasion of ISKCON's 40th anniversary celebrations. The show, organized by Kavi Narayan Agarwal, was graced by HemaMalini, Dr.Rajan Sankaran and Dr. Meghna Shah of The Other Song, Dr.SomaGhosh, SubhankarGhosh, Vivek Prakash among others. The actress who looked ethereal in every costume she wore, quipped, "This show was a particularly a tough one as I usually perform for one hour but this was a two-hour show. I infused Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Manipuri and Ballet styles in my performances today and it was quite challenging for me.
It was nonetheless a divine feeling to perform at ISKCON... the vibrations were such that I almost felt (Lord) Krishna is present on stage, dancing with us."
What could be a more beautiful way to commemorate the evening!
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