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25 Aug, 18 09:09
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 RAJIV GANDHI, WHO WALKED 3 KILOMETERS Udaipur: 8th August, 1985 is a remarkable date in the history of India. On this day, Rajiv Gandhi along with his wife Sonia Gandhi, made a change in the scheduled program and planned to visit Ghanol village of Kherwara block of Udaipur district, Southern Rajasthan. He walked 3 kilometres on a raw trail path and arrived at KuraBhai’s small hut. After his arrival, Rajiv Gandhi became aware in real of socio-economic conditions of tribal communities, their lifestyle, culture, standard of living, etc. It was the period when tribal members of the region were facing severe famine and used to eat chapati made of Kangri-kuri in those conditions;Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi had the same chapati. The tribal community could not afford to buy wheat due to its high cost and hence were left with the only option of purchasing Kangri-kuri which costs around 1.5 Rs/Kg. Since then, Rajiv Gandhi made an historical announcement to provide wheat at the cost of 1.5 Rs/kg for scheduled tribes.
Laxminarayan Pandya, Former Up Zila Pramukh of Panchayati Raj and the Convener of Gandhi Gram Jan Jagran Abhiyaan addressed the audience as a main speaker in the seminar on ‘’Rajiv Gandhi’s devotion and commitment to the tribe’’ and provided with all these historical details and particulars at Gayatri Sabhaghar. Shri Pandya enlightened the audience that Rajiv Gandhi also initiated Indira Aawas Yojana scheme for tribal communities after he stayed at KuraBhai’s house and witnessed how the hut roof was leaking during the rainy season.
Rajiv Gandhi also got acquainted with that the tribe has no electricity and thus launched ‘’Kutir Jyoti Yojana’’ under which tribal community member will be provided with free electricity connection and fitting.
Rajiv Gandhi while walking 3 kilometers also noticed that there were large portion of barren fields not being used for any agricultural purpose.
In relation to this, Rajiv Gandhi then with an aim of converting those barren fields into cultivable lands and to increase their income launched and implemented ‘’Jeevan Dhaara Kuaan’’ scheme.
Rajiv Gandhi was very kind-hearted, sympathetic and a person with determination. To strengthen the village economy and for the development of the village panchayat introduced Jawahar Rozgaar Yojana. This initiative led to the direct transfer of money from Government of India, New Delhi to the bank account of Gram Panchayat.
Rajiv Gandhi, the only Prime Minister in the history of India who walked 3 kilometers within the tribe, interacted with tribe members, felt their problems and issues in real and led to the emergence of several schemes for rural development which impacted millions of lives – And this all started and happened with his visit to KuraBhai’s hut at Ghanol village. Considering this as of Utmost importance, Laxmi Narayan Pandya, took an initiative and is organizing and celebrating ‘’Rajiv Gandhi Remembrance Day’’ since 8th August 2004. On 8th August, 2004, Rajiv Smriti Mela was organized in which around 10,000 people participated. On the way where Rajiv Gandhi walked to Ghanol village, a large marble inscription was established and it is still present there. Every year, under the guidance of Shri Laxminarayan Pandya, 8th August is celebrated as Rajiv Smriti Divas. It was celebrated this year too as having Shri Dayaram ji Parmar as the chief guest.
Shri Pandya also informed, in the same way as Ghanol, Rajiv Gandhi visited GalalBhai’s and LakmaBhai’s home in Bahulya village Sraswa of northern Gujarat and became aware of culture and lifestyle of tribal communities. With respect to this, Sraswa community every year before the Holi festival organize the Rajiv Smriti Mela where thousands of tribal people participate.
Sraswa village also constructed a temple where they pray to Shivling and Rajiv Gandhi along with this photograph.
Ghanol village members still believes that even Rajiv Gandhi’s is no more but Rahul Gandhi from the Gandhi family will definitely visit them one day. Shri Pandya in his closing statement remembers Rajiv Gandhi’s contribution in the development of the country and especially his love and bonding towards tribal community.
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