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18 Jun, 18 12:27
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Udaipur: A meeting on the topic "Traditions and Modernization" was jointly organized by Society for Microvita Research and Integrated Medicine (SMRIM) and Renaissance Universal Club (RU), Udaipur held at Hotel Vishnupriya, Udaipur. Program was inaugurated by garlanding the picture of Shrii P.R. Sarkar, Founder president of RU as well as Propunder of Microvita and lightening the lamp. A PrabhatSamgiit 'MaanushSabaaiAapan..' was sung by TaponisthaRathore and after that President of RU & SMRIM, Dr. S.K. Verma welcomed the intellectuals present in the meeting and gave a brief introduction to RU. Secretary, SMRIM Dr. Vartika Jain highlighted the historical activities of Society since its inception in 2008.
Keynote speaker and Guest of Honor of the program ShriiHarananda, Retd. Principal Chief Security Commissioner, gave his talk about role of eminent personalities such as Shiva, Krishna, Buddha, Mahavir, Kabir, Karl Marx etc. in development of various cults such as Shaivism, Saurism, Vedic era and discussed about concept of Neo-humanism and Prout given by Shrii P.R. Sarkar and their relevance in present time. He told that a dogma free society is ideal for holistic development of this planet and for that a spirituality based lifestyle should be followed.
Chief guest of the program Shrii G.L. Verma, Retd. Dept. Director, NIRD, Govt. of India told that a proper understanding of historical events and to take everybody together towards a common objective is must to remove various anomalies of society.
ShriiHarananda was felicitated by honorary life membership of SMRIM by Dr S K Verma, DrVartika Jain and Shrii Dinesh Sharma. In the end, after the question-answer session, Shrii O.L. Sharma, Secretary, RU gave thanks to all the participants and guests of the program.
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