Live like a player, life will be even more exciting’

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06 Jun, 18 09:46
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Live like a player, life will be even more exciting’ Udaipur: Life should live like a player. The player is not disappointed even after losing a match, but preparing for the second match with more energy and he comes down with more enthusiasm. Whatever the outcome is the feeling of winning should be maintained all the time.

Bollywood actor Vineet Kumar Singh, who plays the boxer in this movie, ' mukkabaaz ', told the youth cricketers of Udaipur on Saturday evening. He was speaking as the chief guest at the Namo Cricket Cup - 2018 prize distribution ceremony organized by NamoVicharManch in Vivekananda Auditorium of Sukhadiya University.

He said that keeping the names of the teams in the name of the plans of Prime Minister Modi, the teams of all the societies are related to the positive attitude of the youth. If the plans of society work with the people will reach the people, then every needy will benefit. He called upon every young man to have the feeling of helping others. It is notable that actor Vineet Kumar Singh himself has been a national level volleyball player and has also been a topper in medical college. He has acted in films such as gangs of wasseypur, Bombay Talkies, Bollywood Diaries, City of Gold etc.

Praveen Rattlia, state president of NamoSamajParishad, an organizer said that this was the first ever cricket competition in the country not only in the name of the names of all the teams named after the various schemes of PM Modi and the colors of the tracksuits of all the teams were different.

The team joined every society. A total of 32 teams were selected. They are all one, but this is decided by this theme and keeping the names of teams in the name of the schemes, everybody has got information about the schemes, all have resolved to send the information of these schemes to the needy. The players of all teams have pledged to send information and benefits to the schemes of 32 thousand people, which will be completed until September 17, 2018, by PM Modi's birthday.

Gayatri Mantra was chanted before every match in this tournament so that the youth should remain connected to their culture and with everyone's wish was made.The special thing is that the report of this tournament has also been sought by the Prime Minister's Office. It is expected that shortly there will be arrangements in all the districts of the entire country on this pattern.The program started with GanpatiVandana. Some other players, including Udaipur's rising batsman Nikhil Douro, also thought about it. In the program, Dr. ShailendraChundavat was honored for doing better work in the safe maternity scheme, Dr. NitishaKatrik for doing better work in the National Child Health Program and Dr. AkshayVyas for doing better work in Mission Rainbow.

The clean India team of Valmikisociety doing best of all

- The Clean India team of ValmikiSama in the tournament was the winner. The trophy was awarded to all the players including CaptMahendraChaparwal. Runners-up Jain is the Sukanya prosperity team of society. The players were rewarded with their captain Dr Prakash Jain. In addition to this, the players of all the teams were also awarded prizes which were the Man of the Match in different matches. A memory icon was provided to every player of all 32 teams. Man of the series wasSonuGusar of the entire tournament, Best Island Award nominee Nikhil Doru and Best Bowler award was awarded to AbhishekGussar.

The teams of these societies were in the field

-The team of minor society landed in the name of Prime Minister's Flight Plan Likewise, two teams of Soni society, by the name of solar swirl and safe road, by the name of village change of Kumavat society, by the name of Siddhi from the resolution of Goswami society, by the name of security insurance of Sen society, by the name of crop insurance scheme of Kayastha society, The name of the Khatik society, Aslamita, the Atal Pension of YadavSamaj, Make in India of Shrimali society, the daughter of DamiSamaj, save the daughter-daughter, teach two teams of Valmiki society, rainbow and clean India, The three teams of Sahu society, according to Ideal Village, poor welfare and housing, two teams of Mali society, smart cities and currency names, two teams of Kalaal society, one rank pension and smart ganga, two teams of Sindhi society, public money and From the name of the youth, four teams of Jain society, SwadeshDarshan, Sukanya prosperity, Energy Ganga and Ujjwala, three teams of sustainable society, by name, AtalBhujal, JeevanJyoti Insurance and National Vyasri and by name. Ahmn had landed three teams village irrigation, field skills development and Jnawsdi name of society.

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