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18 Feb, 15 10:50
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RH Team Udaipur Two teams for which any world cup tournament becomes a pressure game are
host country and defending champion. And in India where cricket is respected, worshipped,
and loved so much, each match makes people emotional and now here we are talking about the world cup. Right from the word go, India will have to deal with the pressure as each successful match makes you a hero and a failed one pulls you back on the ground. Players often fail to perform due to excessive pressure from home but cricket lovers cannot be blamed for this. Players enjoy whopping money, lot of fame, and a high voltage stardom. So, if you get so much from a millions of fans, you are bound to deliver. And facing pressure is the part of the game. It won’t be a competition unless you play against quality opposition. What actually worries fans is the poor bowling attack the team has. No matter how big score your batsman make on the scoreboard, you need bowlers to defend because more than often you will be up against quality batting. With the advent and inclusion of T- 20 cricket, things have become faster and a score excessive of 350 is also chasable. As usual, India will rely more on its batting order to perform rather than bowlers to defend. But Indian batting too has become loose in last few months. More than often an
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early collapse indicates towards an all-out situation which is a big worry for the team.
India today has one of the best captains it ever had and some amazing and very confident
players. And on the shoulders and exceptional abilities of these batsmen and captain himself, we can somewhat bear with bad bowling. So even if these bowlers hurl average stuff on the pitch, the batsman’s additional abilities can win us matches. We’re defending champions and have an amazing team to bank upon. We have loopholes but no team is perfect.
All what boys need to do is keep the confidence up and take each match at a time. As honorable Supreme Court has warned players against signing any new contract or meeting new people during the world cup, players also should be denied with newspapers because thats where they might feel the heat. A great win will put them on top while a loss will term them as losers and they will not be able to give their best. Let’s hope, we become third
time lucky and retain the trophy. Amen.

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