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29 Aug, 18 07:08
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Prashant V Shrivastava

From internet-based instant messaging systems to social networking sites, a web of propaganda and hate news has become pervasive. Fake news gets manufactured somewhere in a computer owned by an anti-social element and then it gets propagated from one mobile device to another and so on. This is a serious issue as the message could disturb the peace and harmony if a few readers are made to believe the veracity of the deception.
People who are less aware of the facts can get swayed away and try to retaliate in the same terms. The moment this unrest commences, the purpose of the news manufacturer gets fulfilled. Of course, the manufacturer sits back and enjoys the fight.
This is the very reason why education is so important. Well educated people act sensibly over any such message and generally prefer to ignore the same. Such ignorance not only defeats the motive of hatemonger or conspirator, but it also blocks the filthy water from entering into the drawing rooms of many others.
With the mushrooming of such fake news from all corners of the media, the need for a phony news detection and prevention too arose. Today there are some ways to detect fakenews. As a responsible citizen, you not only need to stay away from any conspiracy against the society you live in, but you also need to block the chain-at least at your end.
This is not just about hate messages of the politically motivated news item; it also applies equally to the possible frauds around you.
Many websites that look like a genuine bank could send you a message asking your vital details in order to process cash back or discount. Unless you are vigilant and careful, you could quickly fall into their trap.
The agents who collects your documents on behalf of financial institutions appear sober and gentlemen. And most of them genuinely are. But then a single fraudster could empty your bank account quickly. All you need to know is the real requirement of the institution and handover only the required documents. Also, ensure to write the purpose of the document even if the agent appears honest. A general argument these agents put up is about trusting them. Means, if you are careful, they might make you feel embarrassed for not believing them. Remember, you may or may not accept them but you being careful, is an indication that you are educated.
Today in the age of technological innovations and advancements, staying away from technology will be suicidal, but with that, you need to be careful and sensible. You are not required to trust a message from a political leader unless it comes from their own verified account. Similarly, any word or call from bank processing your discount cannot be trustworthy, if it asks your bank details.
Technology is a boon only if we follow the rules. Any idea of life, when played by rules becomes most profitable. The moment you get swayed away with a rotten biased message or bank lottery schemes, you become vulnerable.
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