An interaction with Dr. D.K.Shrivastava By Dr. Prabhat kumar Sinhgal “Bureo Chief Kota”

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24 Aug, 18 11:20
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An interaction with Dr. D.K.Shrivastava By Dr. Prabhat kumar Sinhgal “Bureo Chief Kota” Kota: Public Library is now becomes the best academic learning destination as well as community engagement space of Kota city. If we recall the Person for credit this work than instantly first name comes in People’s Mind without hesitation is one and only Dr. Deepak Kumar Shrivastava. Dr. D.K. Shrivastava is presently working as a Divisional Librarian and Head ,Govt . PDDU Divisional Public Library Kota (Raj) since July 2010.
Beside these Service he has been served to the Banasthali Women University and Secondary Education also. He has unique distinction of having acquired Masters Degrees in Library and information Science from Barakatullah University Bhopal and Bachelors of Library and information Science from Rajasthan University. He got his PhD and M.Phil from JJT University and MKU University Madurai. He also got M.Tech in Information Technology from Karnataka State Open University Karnataka .He is the First Public Library Professional in India who’s achieved the M. Tech Degree First in Public Librarianship field.
He is also acquired many Qualifications like M.Sc. In Information Technology, PGDCA, M.A in Public Administration B.Sc. Bio. He is the well Known Library and Information Science specialist in the field of the Public Library and also author of the Many International and National Paper. He has 20 years vast experience as a Librarian and Library specialist from university, public and school libraries.
He has presented many Research Papers in International and National Conferences. He has contributed more than 27 International and 30 National Research papers in reputed Journals in India and abroad. He is a member and office bearer of many learned Bodies and Important Association Like: Indian Library Association, Library Professional Association (LPA), Society for Advancement of Library and Information and Science (SALIS), Texas Library Association (TLA), Librarian Alternatives Membership, Digital Libraries (DL) etc. He is also Board Advisory Member of Journal of Information and Management. He is the Vice President of Rajasthan Public Library Association (RPLA). He has been awarded by many agencies from Govt and Private Institutions in his professional carrier. In 2013, he has been awarded by LPA Best Public Librarian Award in Delhi. Many Radio Interview and Talks of Dr. Shrivastava have been broadcast by All India Radio (AIR).
He has already chaired the Session of Many International and National Conference including United Nations Conference. Basically DrShrivastava is the Library networking expert and very popular in the Field of Virtual, Digital, E-Libraries and Library Automation.
He has been the Member of several committees of the Department of Language and Libraries, Govt. of Rajasthan. He is the Member of Many Local Literary Institutions like “Vikalp”. His Area of interests are –Teaching Library & Information Science, Writing the Research Papers and Articles in the area of library & information science, Knowledge management, Content / information analysis application of ICT in libraries Library Automation & Networking Digital libraries Database Management / Storage /Retrieval , Library portals generation.
Recently in 2015 Awarded By Manohar Research Award- 2015, Kailash Knowledge Sharing Award -2016, and Mitra Novelty Award-2016. DrShrivastava has been awarded by “Most Creative Thinkers Award – 2016” in Melbourne by IFLA President Christine Mackenzie and Global libraries, USA President Deborah Jacob. JECRC University facilitated on the occasion of 125th Anniversary of Father of Indian Public Library Science Dr. S.R. Ranganathan. Recently he has been declared as INELI India-South Asia mentor by MSSRF Administration.
In recent Year he has been awarded by District Collector Kota for Best Public Librarian on 26th January 2018. On the World Book Day he has been again awarded by MotilalSanghi Best “Young Librarian Award-2018”. Recently he has been nominated as State President, Rajasthan Public Library Association (RPLA).
He has authored three Books- library services for engineers, Information need and seeking behavior of Educators, Innovative library services for new edge librarians. He is a vice president of Aksham. His achievements for Library • Kota library is the first public library in Rajasthan (2nd in Country) which open the new doors for LGBT candidate. • Kota Public library is the First public library for introducing “Tele_Health” Library services to the readers’ community of Kota. • Rajasthan the first and probably in India the most Talk show organizing Public Library • No. One Public library in terms of Life Membership. • First Public library in India introduced the Monthly Membership for Competitive exam preparatory readers. • No. One Public library for visually impaired readers in terms of technological up gradation.
• First success story of public library system of Rajasthan on visually impaired services has been launched in IPLM Newsletter on the Topic “Eyes on Sky”. • First Library of Rajasthan Supports UNSDG (United Sustanable Goals) • Other Achievements § New Library Building § CCTV Monitoring § Local Area Network (LAN) § Public Access Computer § Video Library Services § Music Library Services § Collection Development § Email services to kids readers. § PathakSanvadYojana His Self achievements and fame • First M.Tech (Information Technology) Degree achiever Public Librarian of India. •
First PhD (Library and Information Science) Degree holder Public Librarian of Rajasthan. • First M.Phil (Library and Information Science) Degree holder Public Librarian of Rajasthan. • First Public Librarian of India who supervised the PhD for foreign Scholars. • He is considered as top 6 influencing public librarian of India. • He is the first INELI South –Asia Mentor from Rajasthan. • First Public Librarian of Rajasthan (India) Presented the Presentation in Melbourne (Australia) on the Topic “Envision the Best innovative and Inspiring Librarian- India’s Next Role Model” • Considered in top 50 library innovators from 40 countries of world according to IASLIC report. • First Public Librarian of India having Nigerian’s Library Association (NLA) Membership. Performance of the Library: MSSRF Report Individual Library Report April-March (17-18) Govt. Divisional Public Library, Kota (Rajasthan) Dr. Deepak Kumar Shrivastava, the innovator from Govt. Divisional Public Library, Kota (Raj) has organized various events for School children/Students, Adult, Youth, Senior citizen and Visual impact and physically challengers .
This library reached 4917 (M:3252 F:1665) community in and around during April –March (17-18). Representation of various thematic areas of services: Culture & Heritage: Celebrated various days like World Book Day. Library day , MaharanaPratapJayanthi, World Envronment day, PremchandJayanti, Independence day, TulsiJayathi, Rabindranath Tagore Jayanti, International Day for Older Age People, International Day for Girl Child -National Press Day-, Gita Jayanthi day, Swami VivekanandJayanti , ShahidDiwas “Puny TithirashtrapataMahatmagandhi etc..
Reach community through this various events . Education: Organised National Reading Month for Slum people, Book Cover Launching ceremony, Library Initiative for Marginal People , Lecture Series on Father of Modern Hindi Language BhartenduHarishchandra, Video Lecture Library Services for Engineering and Medical Aspirants, Book Release Ceremony, Author Talk Show etc. Reach out 2982 (M:1915/F:1067) community through this various services. Health : In support IPLM and other reputed hospitals this library organized tele-helathprogramme in various topic like breast cancer, Vector borne Diseases, High Blood Pressure, General Oncology, Prostate and Kedney Diseases.
In total 435 (M:303/F:132) community participated for this various topic. Pro Nature : Organised only one event library Kota pays tribute to the Father of the Nation and organises cleanliness drives to promote 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan', a flagship mission of the ruling Govt. of India, to make people aware about the advantages of cleanliness. 29 (M:18 F:11) community participated for this programme. In line with the SDGs laid down by the UN, the library has contributed towards the following goals Goal 3 on good health and well-being by organizing a debate on Panel Discussion on Human Rights Day to create awareness on 'Basic Health and Hygiene for Children, Women and Elderly' has been conducted, tele-health services by health awareness sessions through video conferencing. Goal 4 on ensuring equal and inclusive quality education and learning access and opportunities to all.
The target populations for the events such as national library week, book release organized have been general for all. Overall, the Govt. Divisional Public Library, Kota (Raj) enrolled 209 new members registered during this reporting period (April to March 17-18).
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