Now Dadi And Nani Tales in Schools

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16 May, 17 10:52
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Jaipur: State Education minister Vasudev Devanini is thinking round the clock how the Education be reformed so that our rich heritage clicks in the mindset of kids and young ones keeping in view The stories of Dadi Nani will be the part of education.
Grandparents in the form of Dadi and Nani have been a wonderful source of stories for children since ages. Even now the charm of being with grandparents is heartwarming for the kids as they get to hear stories which end in morals teaching the kids some or the other important values of life since the elderly people have a unique way of telling stories.
It has been decided on a government level to bring out these stories from the enclosures of home to school. These stories are basically to impart cultural lessons to the children who miss out on these in the fast running world of today. Mostly both parents are now working parents and the job hours restrict their lives to such an extent that by the end of the day they are not left with enough energy to read out or tell stories to their children. Stories also show a personal touch in the life of a child as they become an interactive session between parents and kids.
The task of storytelling has been done by grandparents since a long time as their experiences of life are much more than anyone else. From now on schools will be encouraging such story telling sessions to enrich the kids with the values of life which are meant to make them a better person. Learning about traditional values through stories develops a child's interest in culture and the most needed sense of respect for Indian culture is enhanced.
Director for Board of Secondary Education, Bikaner, has given instructions for story sessions on Second Saturday of every month. All educational institutes will have to compulsorily hold such sessions. Every second Saturday, some elderly woman or students' Dadi or Nani will be invited to school to be part of the story telling activities.
This will prove to be an encouraging step for the better mental development of the kids who are otherwise deprived of lessons on Indian culture due to hectic schedules of learning in the fixed format of education pattern.
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