My Lucky Star

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27 Mar, 17 13:35
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- Mehzbeen Sadriwala

The day she is not with me is the day i die,
Following her always with no frown and so sigh.
My life would not be so complete
without my very best friend,
I know she'll always be there until the very end.
I thank her for life and all the joys so far ,
Praying to god always on a lucky star.
I love you so ,so much you are my everything,
Thanks for being you and taking me under your wings.
Raindrops on roses and few of my favourite things,
Her face will always glisten each time she would sing.
Beautiful by nature the best friend at her best,
Surpassing all the other's she is best than the rest.
Her hug or her smile can break my mood so fast,
Making me see the bright side putting the bad to the past.
My world is only whole with her by my side,
Having her always there to love and to guide.
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