Now Pappu Can Dance

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27 Dec, 18 08:36
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New Delhi: After the elections, Congress has been able to grab 3 States and showed the real potential. Obviously the credit goes to Rahul Gandhi who worked day and night to make it happen.
His maturity has been increased in past few years and can be seen in his speeches.
Opposition has propagated rumors about his intelligence. He was presented as Pappu which clearly shows that our mental level has gone down so much these days that we can call an educated youth by this name. Every person has his own positivities and negativities but we have no right to call anyone 'Pappu or Mentally challenged'.
May be he was not mature or learning in all these years. I must say that Nobody is born with perfection. All of us do mistakes and learn from them. It's a trend in Indian society that children follow their father's footsteps. Engineer's son becomes engineer, film star's son becomes actor and so on but I don't know why people can't accept a politician's son to be a politician.
He could be anything, doctor, engineer, MBA but he has chosen the path which is full of thorns. He did not get anything wrapped in gold and not even in silver. The day he chose to be a politician, he was named Pappu.
Youth love youth. Indian youth want employment and answer to their problems. Youth has nothing to do with caste and other religious issues being picked up by many politicians. It is not solving their problem. When other countries are rising and showing their potential everywhere , we are being forced to follow 18th century traditions.
Rapes, safety of women, lack of infrastructure, unemployment, gender discrimination and other issues are taking us behind.
Nobody is ready to talk on child marriage or social issues.
We are being targeted on accepting reservations and youth has been misguided through out.Rahul Gandhi has touched the most untouched issues like demonetization, GST and other forced decisions which are highly affecting Indian economy. There was absolutely no need to spend 3000 crores on Statue of Unity. This hard earned money can be spent on hospitals or education of poor.
We are definitely not being counted among the richest countries.Rahul Gandhi has accepted the challenge and raising his voice against hatred. But he has many challenges ahead of him. Rahul Gandhi must do something for common people and should never repeat the same mistakes which his party had made in 2013-14. Common people choose any party to bring change in society. These political parties must do something for Indian citizens in return. Petrol, diesel, gas and kitchen utilities highly effect the pocket of Indian people. 50 percent people belong to middle class. How can anyone ignore these voters?
Price hikes can be accepted in only one condition and that is war with neighbor country. If we have chosen peace then nothing should disturb our pockets.
Pappu can dance now for his extra ordinary performance but he has accepted the royal chair surrounded by thorns. He must break the rules and do something unexpected in favor of common people specially farmers who are selling onions in one rs. per kg. these days.
To built a strong country, farmers and soldiers contribution are most important and their needs must be fulfilled.
Rahul Gandhi will gain more popularity if he is able to find out the solution to farmer's problems.
No farmer should commit suicide and no soldier should bring back in coffin.
Our heartfelt congratulations to Congress for regaining power again. But this time power must be used in favor of public. Change will come and Pappu can be given a new name but after his good decisions in favor of public and some smart work which we need right now in every field to compete with our neighboring countries.
2019 elections are ahead and a new era is waiting for each one of us. Lets wait and watch to see India above all countries in the world with the help of youth.
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