God or a Human :Your choice makes Your Life

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28 Aug, 17 12:35
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The recent acquisition of Ram Rahim has left millions of followers of spiritual gurus in suspicion. Each such incident starting from Asaram to Ramal to Gurmeet questions the veracity of the gurus. And then also comes a question whether we need gurus at all? And if we do, where should we draw the line.

A guru who is a saint by nature will not be found in luxury. An Ashram cannot be in lines with a hotel, and you should not be encouraged to make payments for any consultation. A guru would not need thousands of workers. There are people who have attained the level of divinity and now want to spread that among the people who are lost in life. But such gurus are not famous. They cannot give you any mantra to become a father of a boy child, or win a case, or be a millionaire.

A guru can only lead you to the path of success by advising hard work. A guru will not read your future, instead, they will guide you the way to relinquish the bad habits and practices to achieve what you deserve in the future. A guru will not ask you to do certain rituals in order to attain something, he will only ask you to concentrate and be focused on things that matter.Actually, a Guru is a person who works as a middleman between you and yourself. Once you know what you and why are you here, you will know the purpose of life and you will start focussing on bigger goals of divinity.

Now, the divinity cannot be attained by leaving the family or the world for that matter. Divinity is a stage where you can say that you did what you were asked to with all the positivity and honesty. Get you things done positively and leave the rest to your God. That's it.

The path of divinity goes through Karma. You always have two options at any point of time while you are not sleeping. One is procrastinating or doing it through wrong means or doing it properly and through correct way. Each decision of you gets updated in a scale of nature. Good things lead to greater fortune and bad things lead to troubles and bad luck.

There is no exception to this rule. And there is nothing else any Guru can tell you apart from this.So, your bad times mean that you are paying for bad deeds of the past and good times mean that you are reaping the benefit of great deeds. The line that cuts across both these situations is that the time will change. So, no need to be excessively happy or sad for that matter.

To know which path leads to which destination, you get a small voice from inside you. When you crush that voice, you need a Guru to amplify the same voice. The guru has conquered the ability to listen to that voice and he can help you listen to that voice easily. Again, it's you who has to listen to that.

So, if someone, self-proclaimed guru tells you to do certain rituals to get great fortunes, you are mistaken and are with the wrong Guru.

Well, the tradition of Guru-Shishya has been there in our culture since ages. At that time, only designated Gurus could teach. And another good teacher was the time. Now, everyone is a teacher. You learn or not, everyone has something to teach you. If you start paying attention to the lessons scattered and available across your day and life, you will not have time to seek any advice or blessing from any Guru.

If you need someone to see the God, you may fail miserably. You can only see the God and no matter how great you become in the field of divinity, you cannot make others see the God. Your God is inside you. Your God is only visible to you. You can feel your God easily and in every small big task of life.
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