Sachin Pilot slams the Rajasthan Government over bovine deaths

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17 Jul, 17 13:49
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Udaipur: PCC President Sachin Pilot on Thursday accused the government of being responsible for the cow deaths at Udaipur. Bovines in large number died during the last six months and the toll is increasing every day.
After visiting the cow shelter Pilot by slamming the BJP government said that it has completely failed in taking proper care of the bovines as the shelter house run by it is under miserable condition.
"We today came here to let the government know that Cow is sacred animal for everyone in the country and needs to be taken care off, BJP use to do politics on the name of this animal and its protection, tens of people were lynched by the cow vigilant but where were they when more 150 bovine died here at the Udaipur cow shelter.
Earlier at Hingonia too more than 5000 cows died at the government run shelter and now at Udaipur which is a matter of concern, but no body has yet came forward to take the responsibility of the matter and to take some corrective majors, Pilot said.
"Rajasthan is the only state to have a Cow Welfare Ministry but i doubt that it was constituted only for the sake getting votes as in Rajasthan only two major incidences of multiple cow death had taken place", Pilot added.
He also expressed his concern by saying that if the condition of the bovine at the shelter houses located in city is this that what about the bovines at rural areas.
During the last 37half years of its tenure the government has only fooled the people, cows are suffering in BJP rule as during the Congress rule not a single such incidence of cow death has taken place, Congress works for the welfare of the people but never do politics on the name cow or any other animal, Pilot claimed.
Even after so many days the cow deaths at Udaipur no Senior leader from the party has still visited the shelter house,C.M Vasundhara Raje should take the matter into consideration, she have to answer what role the Cow Welfare Ministry is playing, these merciful incidences of mass deaths of Cows has exposed the real face of the Ministry and other concern departments, Sachin said.
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