Conceal the evils of corruption and bribery -Shripaul

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05 Apr, 17 12:33
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Ludhiana: The B&R Department of Municipal Corporation Ludhiana has gone beyond limits to conceal the evils of corruption and bribery. Its officials have come up with new ideas and excuses to run away from their responsibility of providing information to any citizen who seeks information under RTI Act. They do so by showing the citizens the decision of the Delhi Information Commissioner in 2006.
The RTI Activist Advocate ShriPaul Sharma asked for the information from B&R Department regarding the road construction tender of ward number 30 from 20th March, 2015 to 31st January, 2017, name of the contractor, J.E., S.D.O., etc. on 15th March, 2017.The Zone A Information Officer of Municipal Corporation Ludhiana got rid of his duty to provide the information asked for by mentioning the decision of the Delhi Information Commissioner in 2006.
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