Congress party reduce 25% liquor shops from Punjab every year - Anita Sharma

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21 Mar, 17 12:58
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Ludhiana - The National President of Belan Brigade Ar. Anita Sharma has told that liquor is the root cause of all kinds of drug addictions because first a man drinks alcohol and when he becomes an addict, the alcohol fails to satisfy his needs. After that he tries to have marijuana, smack or cocaine, etc.
She told that Belan Brigade started fight against drug abuse in 2014 during the parliamentary elections. However, unfortunately, the drug abuse has become more prevalent in Punjab and the youth aremuch into it.
Anita Sharma asserted that it has been proved by a survey of UNO that alcohol consumption is the root cause of all the drug abuse. Government liquor shops are doing business openly at every nook and corner of urban as well as countryside areas. Such liquor shops are outside the houses in almost every street and locality. People can buy liquor easily from these shops. According to Excise Department nearly 8 crore & 40 lacs bottles of English whiskey, 5 crore beer bottles and 27 crore local brew bottles have been consumed in Punjab in 2016.And, there are no limits to the illegal and smuggled liquor bottles from the other states of India.
Anita Sharma said that it is quite obvious from the consumption of liquor that it seems like a 6th river of alcohol has begun to flow in Punjab due to the state government's liquor policy. The poor and the daily wage workers are falling prey to dangerous health conditions like kidney problems, liver problems, heart problems and blood pressure, etc. after drinking alcohol from such liquor shops.Anita Sharma told that congress party had announced before state elections that if they won the elections they would reduce the number of liquor shops by 5% and eradicate the drug abuse entirely in 4 months. Now Belan brigade demanded from congress party to reduce 25% liquor shops from Punjab every year so that the poor and slums areas laborers may take relief from government liquor shops.
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