Acharya Lokesh addressed the Advisory Forum meeting of KAICIID

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14 Feb, 17 10:24
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Prominent faith leaders from across the world were inspired towards promoting interfaith reconciliation by joining forces against a "new common enemy."
The meetings, held by the King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue (KAICIID), under the leadership of Faisal Bin Abdulrahmanbin Muaammar, Secretary-General, KAICIID, brought together foremost leaders from the Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Sikh, Jain, and other faiths under a common banner for the promotion of peace and reconciliation in these trying times.
Featuring prominently as a speaker was Founder of Ahimsa Vishwa Bharti and eminent Jain Acharya Dr. Lokesh Muni. Addressing the meeting H.H. Acharya Lokesh Muni expressing pride for representing Jain Religion in the Advisory Board of World's prestigious inter religious, inter cultural platform KAICIID and thanking KAICIID for this on behalf of Jain religion said that Jain Religion gives emphasis to Non-Violence, Unity in Diversity and Renunciation. Jain religion believes that War, Violence and Terrorism cannot solve any problem. Violence gives rise to counter violence. He said that we can solve every problem through dialogue.
HH Acharya Lokesh appreciation the working of KAICIID said that KAICIID is doing important work in this field, but the adverse atmosphere of violence and religious intolerance is increasing in the world. There is need for us to work more comprehensively in such times. In this grim light, KAICIID creates a hope. Wherever KAICIID is working a hope has created. From Nigeria to Africa to Middle East the work taken by KAICIID has a larger goal.
HH Acharya Lokesh talking about solving the Global Problems said today world is facing numerous challenges which are threatening the planet. These are human generated problems. We have to find their solutions. From Global warming to terrorism affected every citizen of the planet. Be it a country to culture, be it a human or a land, a body or an experience, the challenges is on the door. Today we need religions more unite than ever. Today we need to come together and walk hand in hand.
H.H. Acharya Lokesh also said that people of many religions, communities and multicultural have different lifestyle and rituals and that is the beauty of our world. In order to protect the multicultural nature of world 24th Tirthankar of Jain religion Bhagwaan Mahavir's principle of Anekant Darshan (Unity in Diversity) can be very useful.
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