Death penalty for hate crimes in state, assembly passes bill

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10 Aug, 19 04:34
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Death penalty for hate crimes in state, assembly passes bill

Jaipur: The Rajasthan assembly passed a bill on Monday in which death penalty has been proposed for hate crimes against couples in the name of honor and tradition. The bill, The Rajasthan Prohibition of Interference with the Freedom of Matrimonial Alliances in the Name of Honor and Tradition Bill, 2019, was tabled in the Assembly on July 30 by law minister Shanti Dhariwal. It was passed after discussion on Monday. Rajasthan is the first state in India to have a special law to deal with hate crime against couples. The bill even provides punishment for holding assemblies to condemn intercaste, inter-community marriages in the name of family honor. Though the punishment for murder in rarest of rare murder cases under the Indian Penal Code is also death penalty, the bill said a special law for such hate crimes would act as a deterrent as it has severe punishment for such acts of violence and criminal intimidation and will prevent caste and community assemblies that take place to condemn such marriages. The bill states that “whoever causes death of a couple or either of them on the basis that marriage of such couple has dishonored, or brought disrepute to the caste, community or family shall be punished with death, or with imprisonment for life, which shall mean imprisonment for the remainder of that person's natural life, and with fine which may extend to five lakh rupees.” If cases of grievous hurt to a couple or either of them, the bill prescribes rigorous imprisonment for 10 years which may be extended to life imprisonment and a fine of Rs3 lakh. For simple hurt, the punished proposed is jail for three to five years and a fine of Rs2 lakh. For participating in a gathering to condemn a marriage claiming it has dishonored the caste or community or tradition or brought disrepute, a person or persons can be sent to jail for six months to five years and fined Rs1 lakh. The bill empowers the sub-divisional magistrate or district magistrate to prevent such assemblies and take steps to ensure safety of the couple. The bill also covers threat to the couple by prescribing punishment of three to five years and a fine of Rs 2 lakh. If threat is to cause death or grievous hurt, the imprisonment will be of seven years, the bill says.

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