Open letter from the heart by Arshiya

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22 Aug, 16 12:59
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Dear You,
I thank you for taking out your valuable time and reading out this..! This letter is for You.. This letter is for everyone…..!!

From the Heart

At times, You just don’t write.. You Bleed Emotions..!! And it is that time, when you actually write your heart out..!

Challenges,, Struggles, Pain, Unpredictable Goodbyes, Loss of ur valuable ones from your life, fight with ur dear ones, friends, making you go mad and do something that you know will hurt them the most (you actually knw that it’s going to hurt them coz you knw them, they are not mere strangers to you..), each of this makes you cry, makes you feel bad,, lets you down,, make you hate the people and go away.. at times,, makes you hate yourself ( in the worst possible way)…. !!!!
All of this happens…
But, then…
Then the life gives you another experience..!!
I work in Healthcare Sector, in a Hospital – “A Life and Death Place”.. A place where I see suffering, I see pain in the eyes of people, I see d fear, fear of coming alive but unknown of the fact, if they ll go back alive or not. I see unpredictable goodbyes there,, the forever goodbyes ( d painful ones)… They know, their loved one is never going to come back ever again.. They scream, they cry,, they plead to get back the one they have lost ( a loss which can never be replaced..),, but they can’t..
I find the feeling of the fact, that in a moment you are with a person who makes you the most happiest person on this earth.. And the other moment you struggle to stop that person from going far far away.. Going to a place from where he may never come back..
This all happens with us.. We love People.. We love sharing and Caring… Though how practical and ambitious we may be,, somewhere deep inside, we believe in Soul mates,, we believe in True Friendships,, We believe in Families… We believe in fighting with our people but with a hope of always getting back together ( no matter what..)..
In a way, actually, more than ourselves,, We live for them.. We do that, because we love them.. But then,, there comes a time, the unfortunate one, when the unexpected happens,, misunderstandings happen and the most painful – The Unpredictable Goodbyes happen.
The pain I bet is equally heart shattering and painful as the one I see here, in the place of Life and Death..!
But then there I find something else too…
I find so many hopes there too.. So many prayers and trust me when I say Prayers,, these are the most Genuine prayers of all I have ever felt... not bound to “My family”.. “Your family”, not bound to “I love you”... “I hate you” kind of deal.. Its beyond that..
I find the real strength to handle those painful goodbyes, I find the strongest shoulders there, always ready to share the tears in the worst of the situations, for the known or the unknown.. Doesn’t matter..
I find the heart shattering pains quoted up in the most beautiful and strong smiles, to make sure that their loved one in the pain don’t feel the rage of it. , the teary eyes wraped up in the ocean of ‘Hope’ and with the most graceful glow, to make sure dt all that could be seen in their eyes is the ‘Hope’..!!
And admist of all these emotions, admist of this Life and Death theory,, I wonder.. I wonder, why instead of taking our Life, Our time and Our Egos for granted… Why just we not take each single moment of our lives to express Our Love, Our care, Our Gratitude, Our Anger coated Love, Our Emotions and any other thing which could make us stick up to our loved ones no matter what..!!
In a world where we take no time to spread hatred.. Where telling that “ I hate you” is meant to be a very simple and common statement, why don’t we take our hearts out and express the love too.. In d simplest way,, in the wisest way,, in the craziest way.. in whichever way the heart says..!!
We never know, which day would be the day of that unexpected goodbye..!! The day when ‘I’ may never be coming back.. The day when ‘You’ may have to search for those stronger shoulders and those pain hiding smiles.. We never know..!
And if that’s the case.. Why to wait for expressing your love, care,, anger,, joy, gratitude, all the possible emotions with your ppl, at every single tiny moment of you Lives.. Why not to live before that Unexpected Goodbyes comes…
And even if it lands up into a Forever Goodbye.. Even if it lands up in a heart break, Fill your heart with nothing but gratitude, spread your lips with the most graceful smiles, offer the strongest shoulders to others who may need you and only you at that point of time, and carry the ocean of HOPE in your eyes, that hope may become a reason for someone else to pick up himself back and carry on..!!
Be their strength, be that softest part of their hearts where you can absorb all their pain, no matter how big or small it is..!
Love Your people, even if they don’t Love you back..
Tell them, Express it in whichever way you want, before it gets too late... And may be if you feel,, jst keep expressing until the end..!
Don’t wait for the ‘What if’s... ‘ Don’t wait for the reaction.. Because as they truly say, that
“The Love never measures. It only Gives”
“Be the Kind of Love, you want to spread”
Live before the time comes for that Unexpected and the most painful Goodbye..!

PS: Don’t Give Up on Your People Ever! Teach Yourself, Your way of Love !

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