Life of a rose

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03 May, 16 17:38
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Life of a rose is painful
Yet they look beautiful,
Roses surrounded by thorns all around, smiling in sunshine,
Plucked and crushed by all
lovely rose, pretty rose
Your love is for all ,
Your intoxicating fragrance,
Makes me crazy,
Your virtue is glorious,
pain in your heart, no selfish desire
My life is like you,
Grief, struggle and hatred,
My journey is endless
My attributes will be reminded by all
Like a rose.
I feel dejected and disappointed
But I smile like a rose,
I am born like a rose,
I shall die like a rose
Pink, red, yellow or may be blue,
Colours can't define you,
Roses ,roses I want to be like you.
- Neha Rose, California
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