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08 Mar, 18 13:34
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London-based fitness model and entrepreneur Ninu Galot spoke on ‘Vitiligo’, a long-term, chronic medical condition that results in loss of pigmentation, in white patches, visible on the skin across the body, hair and eyes.With about 1 % of the world’s population suffering from Vitiligo, approximately 65 million people globally suffer from the skin disorder. Many Indians suffer from Vitiligo too, along with the social stigmas attached to it, making those affected less confident and so less sociable.
Ninu Galot, a Vitiligo patient herself, commented “When I decided to do a fitness competition back in London, it helped to raise awareness about Vitiligo. The support I got from family and friends was admirable. I found a change in everyone around me and found a lot of support while going through my challenges. Many who didn’t know I was suffering with Vitiligo, saw me as someone who had everything; a confident and successful business woman. However within, I wasn’t happy, smiling for people around me. But now I am smiling for ‘Me’, as I’ve set myself free by being open about it. Over a period of time, I began realising that people loved me for who I was. The only person who didn’t love me, was me.”
“Instead of taking the usual path Vitiligo afflicted patients take of being embarrassed and going under cover, Ninu went the other way and decided to come out with it, be honest and actually talk about it extensively and create a support system, both in the UK and in India.
Vitiligo is ‘not contagious’. Globally about 1% of people are affected by Vitiligo, with males and females equally affected and has been described since ancient history.
There is no known cure for Vitiligo. Avoiding excessive sun exposure, using a good sunblock to protect the skin are easy tips to protect oneself. Avoiding scratches, burns and cuts, direct sun exposure and swimming, reduced vitamin C intake are other easy measures.
Exercise on the other hand releases happy endorphins and is highly recommend for people to incorporate as part of their daily lives, along with good nutrition and adequate sleep, to boost immunity. Exercise, including Yoga Asanas help develop new cells, while removing and clearing away dead skin cells, also acting on the endocrine glands, thus regulating the production of hormones.
As a measure to fight Vitiligo, increased water intake helps maintain a healthful PH balance. Increased intake of green and fresh vegetables and fresh fruit, helps in increasing immunity. Reducing milk intake, including red meat, spicy and oily foods are recommended. Avoiding excessive intake of beverages such as tea, coffee and alcohol is also advised.

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