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12 Jun, 17 13:41
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Dr. Kalpesh Purbia
Mankind has made awesome advances in several fields of life. However, at the same time he has become a victim of several diseases that have made his life miserable Back pain that at times turns into slip disc is one of them.
Spine that supports the whole body can be divided into three parts- cervical vertebrae, thorasic vertrebrae and lumbar vertebrae. There is a soft cushion between them that is called disc.
The soft jelly like part comes out and begins to put pressure on the nerves and this causes problems like pain and numbness. Generally, persons between 30 to 50 years suffer from slip disc.
The main causes of this problem are wrong posture, long sitting in front of computers, lifting heavy weight, and driving for long periods. Lack of physical exercise or walking also weaken the muscles. Falling, slipping or injuries in accident might cause this problem. According to specialists, the problem can become severe among young men between 20-25 years who sit for long hours and drive bikes very fast.The common symptoms caused by pressure on the nerves are back pain, numbness in the heel, fingers and toes and feeling of pain while walking and bending. Doctors can diagnose slip disc by physical examination, X-ray or MRI. In most cases there is relief after proper rest and physiotherapy. In the beginning of physio therapy treatment paraspinal muscles are softened through hot pack and ultrasonic sound waves. When the pain lessens, techniques like stretching and isometric exercises are used. In advance physiotherapy technique the tender points are released through dry needling and passive M.F.R. To increase the flexibility of the spine, spinal Mckenzie exercise, passive manipulation and mobilization therapy are given. For sacroiliac joint, muscles energy technique and movement with mobilization therapy is employed. After complete physiotherapy sessions posture aorgonomic advice is also given.
Pain due to faulty posture and various spinal deformities (Kyphotic hump, Hyperlordosis are corrected by advance OSTEOPATHIC and CHIROPRACTIC technique.
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