Respect women, Respect Periods

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18 Jun, 18 12:14
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Respect women, Respect Periods Yes! It's a PAD.
Don't swipe or ignore this. Give this a shot. Because my friend @paint_my_thought painted this on a pad. She is not ashamed of it and neither am I.
What's up with this pad, we all know. But the problem is not known to all. Either they don't have sisters/daughters/mothers or they are unaware about the whole process.
Just by reading about menstruation in your school books, doesn't make you knowledgeable enough. Never! Have you ever spoken about it to a girl?
Have you ever asked a girl about the pain?
Imagine yourself being in the same scenario and you're being asked to stay away from household things, religious beliefs and practices...
This is something which needs to be changed. Periods are natural. Just like men are proud to call some of their hormonal changes natural; Understand, periods are the same. A girl goes through 5 tough days.
A lot of you might have disliked the movie 'padman' or may have been amused with the concept. ( @padmanthefilm ) but it surely was a ray of hope in the change towards PERIODS.
Respect women.
Respect Periods.
If you can't share the pain with a girl, even if she is not known to you.Its natural. Accept, understand and be the support they need.
They need your support and love in these days not your ignorance and weird behavioursthrought the phase.
- Kashish Sodhi
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