Together With Me : Save money to save Future

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14 Mar, 18 12:55
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Together With Me : Save money to save Future Anvita got married few months back to Ramit. Both live in a metro city, far from their parents. Ramit lost his job soon after his marriage. He did not want to trouble his parents for money. Ramit had spent money to buy luxurious items and branded clothes for both. Now he does not have savings to run his home smoothly. Ramit is nor close to his cousins neither his other family members. Anvita started to fight over different issues due to financial problems. One day she left home without telling Ramit.
Ramit's father took the initiative to talk to Anvita when he came to know about this. He called Ramit to his home and tried to console him.
Ramit broke down and cried on his father's shoulder. Ramit discussed each and every problem with his parents. Ramit's relatives gave him mental support in this adverse situation which he was not expecting.
After one year of struggle, Ramit is now happily living his life with Anvita. He got a much better job in other company. This whole episode made him realize the value of family.
These days youngsters are living seperately from parents in other cities. Habit of taking drugs and booze are increasing in young generation. Youngsters have developed a habit of spending money on branded products. They don't believe in saving money for future. Most of them live in the present which is not a sign of maturity. We should enjoy the present moment but its really good to secure our future too. No one comes to help us in tough situations. When we indulge into any trouble , our own relatives and friends avoid us. Its better to save money for bad times and enjoy life sensibly.
My mother has always encouraged me to save money. We spend money on the basis of our requirements. I discuss even small issues with my mother. Parents are more experienced than their children. I have learnt basics values at this age to understand life. I am not saying that troubles won't occur in my life. I am sure I will be able to handle my problems successfully with my family's support. I wish other youngsters understand this and start giving value to their families.
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