The Story Time

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05 Sep, 19 07:16
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The Story Time

The older we get, the more stories we should have to share with our kids. And we have them of course. But in the wake of the changed time or should we say, modernization sweeping our feet, we have become more like a closet which is full of stories and children can only see from outside. The same children head to video applications and websites to see these stories. The visual flavor is indeed colorful and vivid, but the vision is so monolithic. It comes from a highly talented director and scriptwriter who leave no stones unturned to make these stories unforgettable. But, do you think a child should only see a story from someone else’s perspective in a single view? You probably now know what we are talking about. Storytelling and poetry are two subtle arts that everyone is blessed with. We all grew up listening to bedtime stories from our grandparents, but in today’s society, grandparents generallyliveawayfromusoreven iftheyareinthesameapartment, we tuck kids into bed early so that they wake up early to go to school. Is there a way or scope for stories anywhere? It should be. Stories are the same, and classic stories never change. No writer thinks of writing a new aspect of the tortoise and hare story at all today. So, when we have the same stories, we rememberthem.Andhavingsaidthat,theonly task thatremains undone on our plates is storytelling. It takes five minutes to tell an entire story and then the kid is free to interpret it in their ways. They need a free canvas, and they will draw the tortoise, the racecourse of the jungle and the consistent hare in their own way. This activity not only gives them food for thought, but it also allows them to be creative and knit stories of their own. Who knows, one day they come back from school with a new story of a butterfly that they observed from the window of their classroom. The entire process after you have told the story is automated, and the kid will await a story the next evening to explore more about their own tiny world. Surely, you will need more material to manage the demand-supply.And then, you will also either read stories from books or the internet, or knit your own tales. In a single step that starts with small storytelling, the idea will groom into a great learning experience. You would also get another life to live the childhood all again with the tiny tot. You certainly will have your own challenges like late-night shifts, late office, and so on. And then you will find a way out. And then everything will become easy. This activity not only will allow your ward to fly their wings; it will also burst your stress a big way.

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