Trust Your Opinion – That Matters!

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22 Aug, 19 10:30
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Trust Your Opinion – That Matters!

Unless you are obligated, you can easily be fair with any news and react sensibly. This one can put you in a bunch of a few people who care more about the country and see nothing else.And that’swhat precisely the country needs, and that’s where every individual will come, eventually. It’s always easy to take sides and criticize the opposition, but it takes real bravery to remain unbiased and focus only on the country’s welfare. The social media is one such medium where some people believe that anything can be circulated and people can be misled or convinced to think in a certain way. We always think one way of the other and when we get any boost to thoughts, we start believing, no matter what. And this psychology of ours is the marketing platform of such people who are hellbent on one idea or other. When you see something is being read or seen by millions of people, you are left with little scope to think otherwise. People even say that the specific video has 10 million views, and that establishes the integrity of the fact being circulated. While 10 million views is an incredible achievement for any footage, but it does not guarantee the truthfulness of the same. So, the criterion that you need to judge a video’s correctness is your own sense of judgement.And that can come only when you try and be balanced as much as possible. This is quite similar to the way we react to new music. No matter who wrote it, no matter who sang it, no matter who composed it, a song is either good for your ears or not. There is no space for other opinions. You do not consult social media to like an old song or praise a new composition. Similarly, you needtojudgethestatements,actions,andplansbyanyauthority that works for you based on your own understanding. It’s easier to form an opinion based on others’ judgment but those opinions are their own. Do we precisely need someone else’s brain to analyze a statement or action? Certainly not. The day we learn to respect our own opinions, social media will come down to truth and clear picture of every matter. You can yourself imagine when someone needs to shout to prove their point, does their point really hold firm enough? When anything happens across the political spectrum, two kinds of people come out: one who support it with a full heart and the other opposes the same with the same vigor. Why is there a need for such extreme thought processes? Why just they deliver the news and allow us to take a call?

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